Modern-twist Serves Up Fun Meal Essentials

The setting and presentation for a meal is as important as what is being eaten. This is the philosophy of Modern-twist, a San Francisco Bay area company that has pioneered the use of pure food-grade, hand silk-screened silicone for many items. One of the newest offerings is the mark-mat, a non-creasing, non-ripping placemat that brings art into kids’ dining. The mats are as useful at home as they are on the road and help keep little ones amused while food comes their way. Mats encourage doodling and can be wiped clean in a jiffy with a damp cloth, saving paper, trees and parents’ sanity.

mark-mats are totally free of BPA, PVC, lead, latex, and phthalates, and this particular silicone has a luscious, silky-soft feel. The mats lie neatly on the table and when the meal or snack is done, roll up for easy storage. To test durability, mark-mats have even been put through a thousand wash stress test and came out looking fabulous.

If customers ask why the material of choice is silicone, reassure them by explaining that silicone is a man-made product created from sand and oxygen. It is so pure it is used in the medical industry; is resistant to extreme conditions and temperatures; and creates an anti-microbial surface. Mats come in a large variety of designs: a dog riding his bike in the park; alphabet animals; city scenes; farm to table and lots more. For eating off of or simply coloring, these placemats train fine motor skills and make mealtime fun time for parents and kids.

This same, eco-conscious company also offers the bucket-bib. The soft silicone is comfy against a baby’s tender skin and cleans like a dream. Clothes stay (relatively) clean thanks to the deep, soil-resistant catch-all pockets and the bib closes gently around a little neck with raised “bumps” of the same material. Choose elephant hugs in bright pink; farm buddies in cherry, purple or pink with a graphic showing a labeled kitty, dog, chicks, sheep and other friendly critters; robot love in turquoise with two friendly robots hand-in-hand; or the orange dandy lion on which the King of the Jungle surveys the scene.

bucket-bib is a great accessory for a stylish child whose parent will also appreciate the design aesthetic. The bib is hand-screened on FDA-approved food-grade silicone so it’s safe for babies and safe for our planet.

Simple, soft silicone:

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