Fred’s World is Easy-Going Green

Spring is just around the corner (it just doesn’t feel like it in some places!), and soon the air will be full of birds’ songs and croaking frogs. Green shoots bring back new hopes for a fresh start, and one great way to kick off the season is with earth-friendly pieces. Fred’s World, a Scandinavian company that produces attention-grabbing, comfy children’s wear, is poised for another blockbuster year. Part of the company’s attraction has been its very strict dedication to creating clothes that are wearable, adorable, and gentle on the planet.

“Being eco-friendly is not something we have decided to “put on top” of our brand for marketing purposes, but something our brand was born with,” noted Sanne Nørgaard, head of Fred’s World and Managing Director of Green Cotton A/S. “It is in our DNA…” Fred’s World is produced under Green Cotton (owned by Novotex), which has been an industry leader for over 30 years, winning numerous awards for its strict sustainable and environmentally-friendly policies.

Parents will feel peaceful about the company’s environmental policies (“Fred” in Danish means “peace”), which include incorporating organic cotton and 100% recycled polyester into pieces that are made without harsh chemicals. Kids will love the softness and stylish flair of the clothing. Fred’s World clothing is for kids 0-10 years old, with something special for everyone. Designs are whimsical, based on a variety of fairy tales and a few animal stars (it’s tough not to like adorable little monkeys).

Fred’s World offers a line-up of clothing and accessories, from baby blankets (in a range of hues) and toddler bodysuits (stylized ducklings with stripes) to raingear and swimsuits. The pale gray marl Star Ts for boys and girls will definitely get attention: each shirt boasts a soft gray canvas, which serves as the backdrop for a starry sky and an enormous pair of funny frog eyes at the bottom of the shirt. The “Stop Bullying” rabbit tee is sure to be a hit for school-age children, as it is in line with the rise of anti-bullying campaigns in schools. The block-striped pieces are perfect for mixing and matching.

Kids can have a whale of a good time at the beach in the cappuccino and purple swimwear. There are the traditionally popular pieces (like the girls’ one-piece suits), as well as swimming panties, shorts, bodysuits, swim Ts, and hats.

Unique pieces that pop; solid environmental practices that are tops:

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