ergoPouch Helps Swaddling and Sleeping

The first few months in a new baby’s life are a blur for everyone, but especially fuzzy for those poor parents whose kids don’t sleep. There are millions of baby sacks and swaddles out there, but learning to swaddle using a traditional wrap can be daunting and babies often wriggle free. The ergoCocoon range of swaddles from ergoPouch were designed to be both simple to use and difficult to escape from. Made from super stretchy fabrics, they allow a comfortable amount of natural movement for healthy hip development.

Their lightest baby swaddle, the airCocoon is made from super soft, natural and breathable bamboo. It’s perfect for keeping baby securely swaddled even on the hottest days and nights. For those who prefer a traditional swaddle, the Bubba Gum is the best there is. Generously sized, super stretchy and made from natural, breathable bamboo, this is best before babies can roll and it’s safe to swaddle the arms. For maximum flexibility, steer sleep-deprived parents to the ergoCocoon 0.2 tog Swaddle and Sleep Bag, which has the option of removing the arms when baby is ready to roll.

ergoPouch isn’t just swaddles. The Merino and Bamboo Baby Sleeping Bag snuggles babies up to six years and is 100% natural Merino and bamboo. They have taken the guess work out of which pajamas are best for each season by labeling their kids’ pajamas Warm, Mild and Cool. The Warm are made of bamboo fleece, the Mild of bamboo, and the Cool is organic cotton.

ergoPouch products are especially great for babies with allergies. Natural fibers that are soft and breathable are less likely to aggravate itchy skin. ergoPouch uses soft bamboo, organic cottons and Merino combined with bamboo, grown without chemicals or pesticides. They don’t use toxic fire retardants or synthetic fillings such as polyester.

Summer is when shower time is in full swing, so stock your gift displays with ergoPouch swaddles, blankets and PJs. Let them give the ultimate gift of sleep with the Ultimate Sleep Kit, which includes DVD step-by-step instructions, a DVD with soothing white noise and an ergoCocoon swaddle. Tell your customers to pair these with the Merino and Bamboo Blanket for a shower gift sure to wow. Soft and skin-friendly, the blanket is available in a stylish neutral grey stripe with a linen edge for a luxury finish.

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