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When customers look for kids’ clothing, style and fit are high on their lists. But the material used to make the garments is also important. Why should they, and you, care? In ordinary undertakings, chemicals used on plants seep into the water, killing fish and birds, plus residue is increasingly found in foods, farm animals and even breast milk. Fibers in non-organic cotton can irritate young skin, cause rashes and possibly lead to headaches and dizziness. Factory workers breathe in fumes when making clothes and pay for it, sometimes with debilitating illnesses and even death.

The reverse is found in the way that organic materials are grown. The key word is “carefully.” Organic growing practices employ approaches and materials that lessen the impact on our environment. Growing organic cotton uses less water and serious attention is paid to working with systems that replenish the soil. Another bonus, especially to end-users, is that crops are left to grow naturally without pesticides, herbicides or insecticides. This translates into clothing that is totally natural and toxic-free to farmers, workers, the eco-system and consumers.

Doodle Do, Sapling Child, Little Gabies and NOCH are companies that are setting a precedent with organic products that are soft, stylish and eco-friendly.

Who Cares about Organics? Doodle Do!

Doodle Do
Doodle Do is a brand with a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). This young company insists on organic fabrics on behalf of the environment; makes clothes that are fun and quirky; loves unconventional prints; insists that what they make feels comfy; and emphasizes gender-neutral clothing

New entries include a woven orange puzzle top with surprising floaty sleeves; harem pants in an-anything-but-dull cat pattern made of loopback sweatshirt-like fabric; and a woven dress with a doodle cat and the signature ‘Sunshine Girl” given a sporty feel thanks to side pockets. The already-famous Bat T has made it to Vogue and reappears in the Funky Bat collection, looking incredibly stylish on both girls’ and boys’ tees. Also available is a very sleek two-piece track suit and the Stripey Fun All-in-One suit with smart elbow patches.

The Fidgety Fox pattern shows up as adorable PJs with the fox on body and legs with orange sleeves; as a long-sleeve shirt with the fox himself front and center on an all-gray or gray-and-white striped version; as a body suit for little ones; and in other iterations. The Chomp Chomp Spiderweb group features a reversible bib so tiny ones can dine out in fashion, as well as leggings with a snug yet comfortable waistband with a spritely pattern.

Keep those doodles rolling along:

Sapling Child: Baby Basics from the Land Down Under

Sapling Child
From far away comes Sapling Child, an Australian-based collection entirely made of 100% organic cotton offering layette, baby, and kids basics. All items are printed with water-based dyes, so there is never a hint of toxic chemicals or heavy metals. The clothes are also GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Apparel comes in boy, girl and gender-neutral variants and includes everyday essentials like kimonos, body suits, tees, pants, bloomers and a tank silhouette.

The new line is loaded with whimsical prints and patterns, including Flamingo Vine with a white ground with pink, yellow and green. Bird in Tree has a white ground with pink, blue and yellow birdies perched on dark trees for little dolls. Captain Ahab features blue squiggly lines, blue fish and red boats. There is also the vigorous Camping Bear for young guys, plus the wonderful Owl on Branch design with owls on a line, some on top and some below for kids of both sexes. To render what is already delectable even more so, many items come with coordinating snuggle wraps.

Bloomers,” that cover a diaper, give an already adorable baby butt an extra special dash of charm and come in Little Boy Blue without a heart, Dusty Pink with a heart, and Dove Gray — available with or without the heart. And, when it comes to hearts, the Cross My Heart Dress, fully lined with adjustable straps, can pop over any of the tops to add a grace note in spearmint or lemon sherbet.

Delightful essentials:

Little Gabies Blankets for Bundles of Comfort and Joy

Little Gabies
Parents and grandparents search for the perfect blankie and, once they find it, can be persuaded to buy several so that one is always close at hand. Little Gabies are a find! These double-layered, woven organic cotton blankets come with a bevy of borders and over twenty embroidery designs. The small size is perfect for kiddies from newborns to their first birthday, while the medium easily accommodates tots from two to five years. These breathable blankets get softer each time they hit the wash, so kids happily take to them.

Hand-woven Gabies, crafted with care and love in Ethiopia, are made by artisans. Even the packaging in a sweetly fashioned box is completely organic. Blankets feature embroidery motifs including multi-colored stripes, a tribal look, rainbow and clouds and other charming looks for a pop of soft color.

Little Gabies began in 2013 when the company owner/designer embarked on a personal quest for the perfect blanket for her own first-born. She investigated options and settled on the traditional Ethiopian Gabi, that culture’s word for blanket. After countless hours of work, collaboration with many skilled artisans and craftsman, and testing, using her own family, Little Gabies arrived bringing beautiful, long-wearing blankets.

A perfect choice:

NOCH: As Much Fun as the Circus

NOCH Designs
Simple yet sophisticated, NOCH offers beautiful, well-made clothes for children. These high quality duds are soft on kids’ skin and are made with only certified organic materials, proving that a fashion forward look can go hand-in-hand with an environmentally friendly approach. Even the name is a nod to all that is natural, composed of N for nitrogen, O for oxygen, C for carbon and H for hydrogen: the basic elements for every living, breathing thing.

The circus, as well as a joyous painting of color-master Marc Chagall inspire the Fall/Winter collection. Playful and lively, the collection includes jester-like harlequin prints; an animated loop-stitch coat that bears the look of fur; carnival garland and striped mixed print pants; bear-ear knit hats; and a circus scene graphic tee.

Colorful triangles march across a dress from the chest to the hem in warm peach, red and gray; the same design adorns a boy’s sweater with a colorway of dark red, blue and gray. These spirited, contemporary looks are stand-outs, sure to charm and delight your customers.

Creative and classic:

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