La Siesta Hammocks Rock-a-Bye Babies and Kids

Finding an inviting place to get away from it all can be as close as one’s back yard – if that back yard comes equipped with hammocks where you can read and relax. La Siesta not only provides this luxury for adults, but has a line for children and babies as well. These quality products are sustainably made with only the finest materials. Hammocks for children may be just the unusual, novelty item your customers would love to see in your store.

The La Siesta company is synonymous with high-quality hammocks that are hand-made in Mexico, Brazil and Colombia from organic cotton and FSC-certified wood. Their reputation for green manufacturing assures that they follow sustainable practices which respect to both humans and the environment.

This line is of products is safe for children and babies both, with closed suspension and an ergonomic fit that has won the approval of the German Federal Association for the Promotion of Posture and Physical Exercise. This line features the Children’s Hammock, Hammock Chair, the all-new Crow’s Nest and the Baby Hammock, which can be purchased with or without the Baby Hammock Frame. There is a wide range of colors available. The swinging motion is good for stimulating children’s growing brains, and the slow rocking of the baby hammock can soothe a fretful baby to sleep and promote better rest.

Take a look at the exciting La Siesta children’s and baby’s product lines:

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