Molly’s Suds Provides Safe Laundry Products

Tragedy struck the Leonard family in 2005 when Monica endured a stillbirth of her daughter Molly. As a pediatric nurse, she knew she had done “everything right” in her pregnancy. Leonard started to research and found a study done on cord blood which identified over 120 toxins found in newborn baby cord blood. These toxins are passed through several generations and originate in many chemicals found in homes. Leonard said, “It was a starting point for me, I began doing research and finding out what products were safe, and what products were not.” Thus she created Molly’s Suds, an all-natural, toxin-free detergent line.

Leonard attributes the success of Molly’s Suds to the need in the marketplace for products with ingredient integrity. Their products are without any ingredient that is carcinogenic or toxic to humans so they won’t leach onto skin and precipitate diseases. “Our ingredients are clean and our packaging is refreshing,” says Leonard.

Molly’s Suds has products that can be used by the whole family. “Laundry is a daily chore for some, but we all have to wash our clothes at some point, and our products are safe for very sensitive skin,” says Leonard.

The company has taken a grassroots approach to their growth. They value education and have spent time teaching people about what ingredients to avoid in household cleaners and laundry products, offering their products as a safe option. Product awareness and sales have grown by supporting mothers’ conferences, eco events, bloggers, industry events and their local community.

At Molly’s Suds they take strict accountability of ingredient integrity by having their own personal warehouse where they work alongside chemists to formulate products, and to ensure safe product manufacturing.

Leonard states, “People shop at all-natural stores because they feel that everything on the shelf is the best choice, but that is not always the case. We hope to be available in every store to give the consumer an affordably-priced product that is safe for people and the planet.”

The top sellers include the Laundry Powder, All Sport Laundry Wash, Wool Dryer Balls, and the Cloth Diaper Powder and Whitener. Currently in development is a new dish soap and automatic dishwasher detergent.

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