NapiNol® Soothes with Natural Solutions

NapiNol Nursery Therapies creates all-natural skin care products with only the most necessary ingredients. They vow to use as few ingredients as possible, and each with a vital purpose for the skin. Their products contain no synthetics, no chemicals and nothing that isn’t on the label. Their products meet the strictest standards set by the Environmental Working Group, scoring a zero toxicity rating.

NapiNol values this honesty and clarity because they have a working knowledge of both natural maternal needs and pharmaceutical formulation, allowing them to find natural solutions to product development where others resort to synthetics for help. Brand Manager Jennifer Scattereggia explains, “Even the most popular ‘natural’ brands on the market are not necessarily so. Our commitment is to make buying natural products an easy, safe and straightforward experience for busy moms by giving them the comfort of knowing what exactly is and isn’t in their products and what each of the ingredients do.”

Their products are for mothers, babies and the whole family. The Booty, Balm & Beyond is a multipurpose ointment for mom and baby. It contains only five organic natural ingredients, each selected for its functional benefit. It helps to soothe redness on baby’s bottom, sore nursing nipples, dry skin and more. Scattereggia says, “Once in the house, the ointment is usually used by everyone.”

Scattereggia credits NapiNol’s success to simplicity: “Ours is a simple niche. We put as little as possible in our products, only use ingredients with a purpose and list them on a label. We strive to be clear, concise and honest with our customers.” They don’t focus on distracting with what is “not” in their products, just what is. “Mothers like our straightforward approach and that our story is easy and simple to understand, making buying natural skincare products for their families easy,” Scattereggia says. NapiNol products are manufactured in Illinois.

NapiNol has grown by creating a great product that gets customers hooked once they’ve tried it. Customers love the feel of the ointments on their skin and the subtle, natural scents. They’ve grown organically through word of mouth and working with key partners who help them to reach moms who they know will love them.

Scattereggia’s favorite is the Boo Boos Be Gone, a first-aid ointment for minor injuries, because, “It really fills an unmet need. Boo boos are unavoidable, but synthetic remedies are not.” For those minor injuries that just need a little something and some love, Boo Boos Be Gone is a great alternative that helps to soothe minor scrapes and cuts. Parents can feel confident in knowing that it only includes five organic, natural ingredients, including ginger oil, which is known in Eastern medicine for its soothing properties.

Currently NapiNol is in the process of extending their product line to address other skincare needs. For more information, visit

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