Quantuminds Baby Powder Wipes: The Most Versatile Wipes on the Market

Diaper rashes, sports rashes, even rashes from hot, humid weather are terrible to experience. With Quantuminds Baby Powder Wipes, these can be wiped away and keep skin feeling fresh. The revolutionary combination of a wipe plus a powder makes this all-in-one product a fast solution. Do away with toting around rash powders, wipes, and medicated ointment. A more sanitary option, the user doesn’t have to worry about contaminating the infected area during application since the rash will only be touched with the wipe itself. Put this versatile product in the baby, exercise, and home improvement aisles to reach many target audiences.

These simple wet wipes release a cornstarch base baby powder onto the skin, smelling faintly like the powder until dry. They treat and protect the user against rashes, chafing, and other skin irritations. Easy to open a pouch with one hand, they can be applied on the go. Since these wipes don’t release any powder into the air when applied, they are much safer to use around babies or people with allergies to baby powder dust.

Clinically tested and approved for babies, these wipes will stop, heal, and prevent rashes from occurring in the future. They are perfect for moms looking to give their little ones relief from a recurring skin irritant. Great for on-the-go people as well, they are the ideal product for campers, bicyclists, weightlifters, and many other hobbies or professions that require a lot of physical exertion.

Even the most sensitive skin types will be able to use these wipes easily. Dermatologist tested, they contain no talc, alcohol, parabens, gluten, phthalates, and have no airborne particles. Hypoallergenic people can rest assured that these wipes are completely irritant free. Not only are they good for all skin types, they are also made in the USA using sustainable solar energy in a building approved by the FDA/EPA with strict GMP compliance.

Wherever baby powder is needed on the body, use these wipes instead. Each pouch of 20 wipes is best used within a month after opening, making sure to reseal the lid tightly between uses. Not a flushable product, the 6 x 5.5 inch wipes are intended for one use each, are for external use only, and shouldn’t be used on broken skin or eyes. With only seven ingredients, these wipes get the job done when it comes to dealing with life’ skin issues.

To sell these powerful wipes in your store, fill out a retailer form or give them a call: www.quantuminds.com