Popupshop: Simple and Sustainable

Getting dressed is such a mundane part of our everyday lives, it’s easy to forget the work that goes into making those clothes happen. We may think about whether our top matches our pants or about whether a particular cut or style is trendy this year, but what if we could go beyond that, to the source of the fabrics and the production process required to make them?

Imagine that you could be transported to the place where your clothing is made. Would you like what you saw there? In many cases, the location would be a large, rough-looking overseas factory filled with the smell of harsh chemicals and dyes. The people working at the factory may not look happy because they’re required to work long hours for unfair pay under unhealthy conditions. This is the reality of much of the mass-produced textiles that North Americans wear and use, but in recent years there’s been a move toward changing that reality. More new companies are taking action to utilize healthier, more humane production practices without sacrificing style. Popupshop is on the forefront of this movement.

Popupshop is a clothing company dedicated to producing high-quality garments and using ethical manufacturing practices. Running a business with standards this high isn’t easy; it’s a process that includes attention to detail right from the start. Popupshop’s clothing begins of course in nature, with organic, pesticide-free cotton and bamboo. Both these fabrics are known for being gentle on the skin as well as environmentally sustainable and easy to care for. Once these materials are turned into textile, they are brought to Popupshop’s certified factory in Turkey, where they are cut and dyed by knowledgeable workers. The result is a line of clothing that looks and feels great.

Browsing through Popupshop’s kids’ line, you’ll find casual tops, slacks, sweatpants, shorts and hoodies. For the most part, the pieces are simple, utilitarian, and made for mixing and matching. It does, however, have some standout styles that add the perfect amount of color and flair. The Spring/Summer 2015 line offers lots of wildlife-themed prints featuring large, lifelike images of tigers, lions, pandas, and llamas. This theme continues in the extensive swimsuit collection as well.

Both boys and girls can feel free to run and play in these fashions, and that is one of the main selling points. Popupshop’s clothing is so soft, relaxed and comfy that kids can feel as though they’re wearing their pajamas all day long, while still being trendy and stylish.

Check them out at www.popupshop.net

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