Rousing Ringlets and Tantalizing Tresses

Bringing the delights of the dessert straight to hair and body products: Camille Rose Naturals offers a delightful collection of items ranging from whipped body butters to a deep conditioning mask, all geared to awakening users’ senses. Specializing in holistic health, wellness and beauty products, the brand focuses on the individual, ensuring all natural ingredients and an unforgettable sensory experience. Inspired by the connection between a woman and the inner palette of her soul, Janell Stephens founded the company in 2010, and is fully dedicated to the development of hand-made, entirely natural hair, skin, and beauty products.

Inspired by Stephens’ maternal grandmother, the name Camille Rose Naturals was created in honor of the one individual in her life who taught her the ins and outs of wearing different hats as a woman and being a kind, goodhearted soul. A master mixtress, Camille Rose created home-made treatments for her loved ones and shared these treasures with Stephens. As a mother of five and dedicated vegan, Stephens incorporates all the delicacies of life into her product for the ultimate feel-good product collection.

Camille Rose Naturals starts with a hair line that includes an Algae Renew Deep Conditioning Mask infused with ingredients that help prevent hair from thinning, breaking and shedding. As a bonus, this product comes formulated for many hair types.

For the body check out the Sunkissed Whipped Body Butter that moisturizes, leaving an invigorating scent and texture. Body Butters are also available in Ginger Spice, Lemon Meringue and Patchouli scents.

The new Coconut Water line includes a Style Setter with Aloe Vera juice, tropical butters and other goodies that penetrate deeply to provide max moisture and shine. Coconut Water is also the special ingredient behind the non-greasy Leave-In Treatment, Penetrating Hair Treatment and Crème Restore Conditioning Cleanser.

For customers with curls, there is Curl Maker that leaves defined, shiny and manageable tresses thanks to pomegranate seed oil, marshmallow and agave leaf extracts. This is the perfect item for the wash-and-go styling that curly girls love.

Curls also take to Curlade Moisture Butter infused with organic rice milk, green tea, jojoba, macadamia and slipper elm for a creamy blend that minimizes breakage and is especially great for braids and coils.

Camille Rose products truly make waves! Display the entire line and watch customers enjoy the natural fragrances that make these products fly out the door.

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