California Baby Shines a Light on Natural Sun Care

There’s always something bittersweet about the end of summer. With school right around the corner and cool nights not far away, there’s a feeling of excitement and anticipation in the air. As summer comes to a close, many families do all they can to savor the final moments of a memorable season, having cookouts, family reunions and beach vacations. All this time outdoors is good for the soul, but not always so great for the skin. This is especially the case for kids, whose sensitive skin is more susceptible to weather damage.

Nearly everyone knows that sunscreen is one of the best ways to prevent burns, damage and skin cancer, but finding the right sunscreen isn’t always easy. Many parents nowadays are discriminating consumers when it comes to personal care products for their babies and children; they’re concerned about the chemicals and additives in many mass marketed sunscreens and want natural alternatives. Unfortunately, many of those natural sunscreens, while gentle and safe, don’t always do the best job of filtering out harmful rays.

California Baby is known for its high-quality, effective natural sunscreen and other personal care products for both children and adults. Founded in 1995, California Baby began as a mother’s experiment. Jessica Iclisoy wanted to give her new son the healthiest environment possible, from the foods eaten at home to the products used at bath time. Shopping around, she was dismayed to find that many baby care products – even those sold at the local health food stores! – contained ingredients that were unnatural and potentially harmful, so she decided to mix up her own formulas.

After consulting chemists and through trial and error in her kitchen, Jessica launched the products that would be the bedrock of her now-thriving company. The California Baby brand has become a household name among health-minded families everywhere, and its line has expanded to accommodate a range of personal care needs.

California Baby offers a wide array of sun care products that are eco-friendly and suitable for sensitive and very sensitive skin. Choose from a variety of SPF levels and natural fragrances, as well as fragrance-free options. Their after-sun collection features calming aloe and arnica sprays and creams.

In addition to its award-winning sun care line, the company also offers an excellent selection of products that promote a healthy lifestyle, including body washes, shampoos, eczema-care, and household products.

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