February Finds Love and Presidents' B-Days


Big Love - More than double duty!

In February, we celebrate love on Valentine’s Day and our country’s leadership on Presidents’ Day. For retailers, it’s a season for fun gifts and personal presents that show affection in all degrees, from puppy love to lifelong commitment. Make the season a reason to find new gifts for your store. Here I present one handful of finds that I love…

Big Love from belle&beanzer

Big Love

Celebrate your newest Valentine all year long!
The patent-pending 4-in-1 Big Love Blanket™ from belle&beanzer is a valentine for mom and baby that’s made with love in the U.S.A.

The soft, 100% pima cotton lovie, with two pockets, is useful for swaddling, nursing, strolling and naptime/tummy time. Big enough for two! I’d keep this Big Love long after baby is grown.

Available in contemporary shades of blue, pink, white cloud solids and micro stars or stripes.


“I Am Abraham Lincoln” Shows Kids Why We Celebrate Him

"I Am Abraham Lincoln"

"Ordinary People Change the World" Book Series
Brad Meltzer is one of my favorite suspense authors and someone that I admire as an outstanding author and father of three children. Together with illustrator Christopher Eliopoulous he has introduced a new children’s book series, Ordinary People Change the World featuring I Am Abraham Lincoln (Dial; 9780803740839; MSRP $12.99)

The book shares childhood adventures of Lincoln, with interesting facts and heroic traits such as Lincoln’s practice to always speak up for what he knew was right. The non-fiction account also shows Lincoln’s courage in protecting animals, standing up to bullies, and his love of reading and learning. Meltzer shows what children may have in common with this hero, and that the traits that made him a hero are still relevant today. As a parent, I too learned some interesting facts about Lincoln (such as he lost three times before he won the election to president.). At any age it’s a good reminder to stand up for what you know is right.

I Am Amelia Earhart is also available now, and I Am Rosa Parks will be released in Summer, 2014. I personally recommend this series, suggested for ages 4 to 8 (I enjoyed reading it myself, so it’s great for grandparents too! It may even inspire you to tell the young children in your life “about the time when you…”)


Love at First Sight from Kissy Kissy

Kissy Kissy Sweathearts

Homeward Bound Collection
Even though it’s been over 31 years ago, I will never forget the day our daughter Leslie was born. I rushed out and bought her a dress covered in hearts, and it was love at first sight. This sweet heart from Kissy Kissy’s beloved Homeward Bound collection reminded me of that day.

The collection has been a central part of the Kissy Kissy line since the brand launched 16 years ago. Countless babies have made their first trip home from the hospital in the grouping’s pink hearts, yellow ducks, blue moons or green frogs! Due to the popularity of Homeward Bound, Kissy Kissy eventually added complementary gingham pieces to round out the selection. Homeward Bound is available year round, making the sweet heart print perfect for Valentine’s Day or any day you want to share some love!


Able Bodied Feb Trio

Peace. Love. Lincoln.

February's Terrific Trio Tee
This one-piece celebrates February with “Peace. Love. Lincoln.” A wee witty wink to the month of Love and Abe. Also available with a graphic shout out to Washington! Graphic available on infant, children and adult-size tees, mugs, backpacks, totes, pillows and buttons.


Feeding Off the Dollar Menu?

Dollar Value Menu Bib

Bills for spills
The buck stops here, with an all-over print of George Washington’s iconic face on a flurry of dollar bills splattered on a baby bib. Perfect for a child’s first Washington’s Birthday photo op. This one sure does fit the bill for spills!


What are your finds for February? Share in the comment section below.