Entrepreneurs Cause a Feeding Frenzy on “Shark Tank”

Soy-Yer Dough

Would you be ready to “swim with the sharks” to help your business? The contestants of ABC’s “Shark Tank” pitch their business deals and dreams to a few of the most well-known wheeler-dealer investors, otherwise known as “the sharks.” To gain favor with these sharks, the “little fish” must persuasively present their success story and vision with facts, ingenuity and a killer business model. These brave entrepreneurs have a short time to pitch their breakthrough business concepts, products or services to these potential investors. The investors either pass on the chance or the entrepreneur may find themselves pondering over several offers for a percentage of their company, in exchange for the money, expertise and connections needed to move their business to the next level.

Since the children’s business is built on the entrepreneurial spirit, it is no surprise that the Tank often plays host to entrepreneurs with the “next big deal” in kiddie products. Four savvy children’s product inventors, who made their pitch on “Shark Tank,” impressed the investors enough that they had multiple offers to consider. Ride-On Carry-On, Mod Mom Furniture, Coverplay and Soy-Yer Dough are now backed with capital to make significant strides in the marketplace.

Ride-On Carry-On Makes the Connection

Ride-On Carry-On
Maneuvering through crowded airports with little ones is a challenge. Traveling is a stressful time, especially for parents with young children. It seems parents need to have the arms of an octopus to juggle all they have to carry. Rolling a carry-on and pushing a stroller is no easy maneuver. Then there is the whole hassle of even being able to bring the stroller on the plane or having to pay extra fees to check it. It’s also a common sight to see a haggard parent wheeling luggage with one hand and holding a tired child who does not want to walk anymore with the other.

Ride-On Carry-On is the solution. Inventors Darryl Lenz, a flight attendant, and her husband Randy designed this chair that converts a rolling carry-on bag to a stroller. The Ride-On Carry-On is created to fit all 18-22-inch carry-on baggage. The chair slides over the luggage handle so a parent can roll the bag and child easily through the airport maze. The Ride-On Carry-On accommodates children from 8 months to 50 pounds; the headrest doubles as a tray table and everything folds flat for storage in the overhead bins.

For more information on Ride-On Carry-On, travel to www.rideoncarryon.com

Mod Mom Furniture Thinks Out of the Box

Mod Mom Furniture
Kiersten Hathcock’s quest to find a modern toy box led her to discover there were only a few choices. This stay-at-home mom, who traded the corporate world for the chance to spend more time with her children, began to try her hand at woodworking. Channeling skills she observed watching her self-taught carpenter and woodworker father, she built toy boxes in her garage.

Kiersten’s original designs featuring easy lift-off lids that are placed back like a puzzle were a big hit. Covered in sawdust most days, she just was not able to keep up with the demand. With the backing of a “Shark Tank” investor, she was able to partner with an Amish furniture manufacturer in Ohio, her home state.

Mod Mom Furniture has expanded from toy boxes to include table and stool sets as well as storage boxes. Mod Mom eco-friendly furniture plans to extend its collection to include beds, dressers and rocking chairs.

For more information or to contact Kiersten, visit www.modmomfurniture.com

Coverplay Decorates and Protects Play Yards

Coverplay inventor Allison Costa was a new mother of twin boys who was frustrated at how hard it was to keep their portable play yard clean. She also hated that it was an eyesore in her custom-designed living space. Her solution was a line of comfortable kid-friendly sheets and slipcovers in desginer patterns and traditional styles that fit virtually all play yards.

The slipcovers are also great when traveling and when having to use hotel or loaned portable pens. The slipcovers protect baby from germs that can infest play yards. Allison soon teamed up with her good friend and designer Amy Feldman and enjoyed business-building exposure on “Shark Tank.”

The pediatrician recommended slipcovers are machine washable and come with a matching tote for easy portability and storage. Coverplay proudly supplies several hotel chains, including Hilton, Hyatt, Club Med, Embassy Suites, Doubletree, and more. Coverplay slipcovers are an excellent option for daycare centers.

Allison and Amy are always scoping out innovative fashion finds that keep Coverplay designs fresh. For more information, visit www.coverplayard.com

Soy-Yer Dough’s Sweet Smell of Success

Soy-Yer Dough
Soy-Yer Dough is a wheat free modeling compound. The leading modeling compound that we all grew up with is wheat based, which causes children with an aversion to wheat to feel completely left out. Modeling compounds stimulate a child’s mind and inspire creativity, but kids with celiac disease, autism, ADD and ADHD are forced to find other means of creative inspiration.

Now, with Soy-Yer Dough, all children can experience the benefits of handling a modeling compound that is gluten free, non-toxic, and fun scented. Soy-Yer Dough is available in 12 colors and scents.

Sawyer Sparks developed Soy-Yer Dough when he was a freshman in college. The dough was cooked, packaged and shipped from the kitchen of his parent’s house. Sawyer’s Soy-Yer Dough was featured in the New York Times as one of the most innovative ideas created by college students. Sawyer’s big break came when he was able to pitch his product idea to the investors on “Shark Tank,” He walked away with a deal. After “Shark Tank,” and with the help of his family and community, he was able to move his business to BioGreen, a manufacturing facility in his hometown of Bloomfield, Indiana.

Soy-Yer dough continues to thrive and develop new products. For wholesale information, visit www.soy-yer.com

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