i play. Celebrates Over 30 Years as a Creator of Must Haves

Over thirty years ago, Becky Cannon asked herself how she could provide natural care both inside and out for her future family. She spent the next three years studying and teaching young children about natural foods in Japan. There she had her daughter Emi. After moving back to the States and preparing for the birth of her second daughter, Mari, she missed the unique baby products she discovered in Japan. Soon, Cannon started importing diaper covers from Japan to make them available for other parents.

Today, Cannon and her daughters are the mother-daughter owners of i play.®, as they continue to focus on creating the best baby-friendly products. What started with one mail-order item has grown into an offering of a family of brands and hundreds of natural baby products. Cannon shares the philosophy and values that form the foundation of i play. and is an advocate for natural living. Her book, Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. The Whole Baby Guide communicates a deep understanding of holistic child development to help guide parents in nurturing their child with nature’s principles for a radiant life.

i play. products are intended for babies up to three years old. Cannon states, “We know that parents’ needs for their children are varied and consider these needs when designing our products. We’re always looking for choices to help make parenting easier and more fun.” Their goal is to create products that meet the needs of everyday parents and are easy to use without compromising quality. By offering parents a variety of choices in materials, convenience, and price, they can select products based on their lifestyle and what they value most.

Cannon believes i play. has been successful because, “We are a values-based and family-oriented company that provides healthy products for babies’ early development. We strive to create a healthier, happier world by sharing commitment to whole living. We attribute a lot of our success to this commitment.” By keeping their focus on the health and happiness of babies and families, they are able to make a wide variety of products that promote healthy and whole living. They also believe their success comes from simply making practical and functional products that meet the needs of everyday parents and their babies.

The diversity of the products and their availability to parents have helped i play. grow through the years. Cannon states, “We offer products in a variety of product categories: layette, outerwear, swimwear, feeding, toys, baby care, and now a book, to provide families with everything their baby needs. This has allowed us to grow and inspires us to offer families even more.”

All products are designed and developed at the i play. office in Asheville, NC. As i play. began to grow and offer a larger range of products, they began to look for larger scale manufacturing to help meet the needs of their customers. While visiting with various manufacturers it became clear to the team that the desire for work and the need to provide exists all over the world. Today, they work with independently-owned factories in China, Korea and Taiwan to bring quality products to parents at an affordable price.

i play.’s main focus throughout the entire manufacturing process, from production to distribution, is the quality of the product, the conditions of the factories, their environmental impact, and their employees. They closely monitor each of these aspects to ensure their standards are met through each stage of manufacturing.

The i play. Ultimate Swim Diaper is a top seller. The Ultimate Swim Diaper is preferred by swim schools and parents around the world for its unbeatable protection and comfort. The Ultimate Swim Diaper is an eco-friendly alternative to disposable swim diapers. In addition to cutting back waste, the patented Ultimate Swim Diaper technology has three layers of protection and snug-fitting legs and waist to help keep accidents out of the pool. Some other parent favorites are the 10-pack Waterproof Absorbent Terry Bibs, Glass Baby Food Storage Cubes and Cool Hand Teethers.

Cannon states that it’s hard to pick just one design as her favorite but, “Designing our swim collection each year is one of our favorites. We create all of the prints in house with our amazing graphic design team. It can be a lengthy process trying to decide which ones we like the most and in which colors, but the end result is always exciting.”

Cannon has released her new book, Grow Healthy. Grow Happy. The Whole Baby Guide. This comprehensive guide helps parents incorporate a natural lifestyle in all areas of child development in an accessible and contemporary way, setting this parenting guide apart from all the rest. It is separated into three parts: Whole Baby, Whole Food and Whole Living. Parents can explore topics such as wellness and healing, stages of child development, baby food basics, recipes and menu plans, and products for natural living that are easy to understand and incorporate into their lifestyle. Cannon shares family stories and photos with her two daughters and encourages parents to embrace this new role in their life with confidence, uniqueness and unconditional love.

For more information, visit www.iplaybabywear.com

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