A Few of Our Favorite Finds From the Fall 2009 ABC Kids Expo

Baby Elephant Ears

With miles of aisles, filled with juvenile products, the ABC Expo was a buyer’s (and editor’s) challenge. Does anyone really see more than 1,000 products at ABC? Leesa Valentino and David Gaunt from The Giggle Guide® were on the prowl throughout the show. Here are just a few of the products that we discovered from Baby Elephant Ears, Oxo, Teamees, Baby Magoo, Baby Sherpa, Abiie, BabbaCo and Lipper International

Baby Elephant Ears — A Circus of Comfort Just Came to Town!

Baby Elephant Ears
Every parent delights in the recognizable features their child inherits from family members. Maybe William has Grandpa’s green eyes, or Elisa seems blessed with her mommy’s amber curls. But look who’s coming with those big silly ears! No, it’s not Dumbo… it’s Baby Elephant Ears, a new baby head support company started by a savvy mom.

The unforgettable Baby Elephant Ears keeps babies supported, comfy, and super cute! The chiropractor-inspired head support is ergonomically correct, ensuring proper spine and neck alignment, and the “mama knows best” sensibility is plain to see. It’s available in soft, cheerful, vibrant and machine washable fabrics in a wide selection, including organic cotton. All Baby Elephant Ears head supports are ethically and locally manufactured in the United States, and are filled with sustainable materials made of bamboo and corn fiber. One look at a happy baby sporting Baby Elephant Ears is sure to bring a smile to your face as you thank your lucky stars that they aren’t your baby’s real ears! But they sure are adorable! Baby Elephant Ears retail for peanuts, just $19.95. Wise moms may consider investing in a second one as a lumbar support for those 1 a.m. feedings!

For the full collection go to www.babyelephantears.com.

Oxo — Making Life Easier, One Design at a Time.

OXO High Chair
Helen of Troy’s Oxo is shaking things up with their new baby and toddler line — promising to make caring for little ones a little bit easier. As a company that is based on the concept of producing products that take a universal stance of acceptance for all levels of ability and need, it seems only natural that they would include children into that equation. With creative and sensible designs and vibrant colors, Oxo is bringing new meaning to meal time with children. Every piece is thoughtful and easy to use; preventing the spills and mess that often go along with the frustrating task of getting junior’s meal from plate to mouth. With smooth curving rims on plates and bowls and an innovative new style of cup that allows little ones a perfect transition from baby cup to big kid abilities, Oxo has once again earned their award-winning status as a company with designs that are not only practical, but inspired!

For more information about Oxo and their new baby and toddler line, check out www.oxotot.com.

Teamees — Three Cheers for Sporty New Blankets!

Not every guy feels perfectly at ease sitting in the park with a little pink blanket sprinkled in kittens covering the bundle of joy in his arms. Making things just a little more satisfying for the new dad on the block is a company called Teamees which designs sport-themed blankets that may make dads cheer as they celebrate their favorite games. Sure to melt even the toughest guys’ hearts are matching burp cloths with playful renditions of four different stadium greens that are just as at home at the gym as they are in your living room.

The blankets come in four different team sports: soccer, baseball, football and basketball. Three different sizes of cozy, plush material just beg a new dad to take his future athlete with him wherever he goes with confidence and a little bit of a swagger. Teamees blankets start at the retail price of $53.99, with burp cloths retailing at $16.99.

For more information visit www.teamees.com.

Baby Maggo — Wrap Baby in a Little Bit of Heaven

Baby Magoo
The sensitive skin of a child deserves a gentle touch, and Baby Magoo makes that possible with soft options in hooded towels and blankets. Made with deeply plush minky dot or swirl chenille, lullaby blankets are handmade in a beautiful array of colors and styles. Each blanket is available to be personalized with custom combinations, images and names. Baby Magoo doesn’t stop at the small infant-sized blankets because they understand that children don’t stay a baby forever. Everyone loves the cozy, soft feel of a comforting blanket. That’s why Baby Maggo makes blankets in three different sizes to accommodate growing needs. Blankets retail at $20 CDN for the travel size blankie, $45 CDN for crib size, and $65 CDN for toddler size.

Baby Magoo also makes bath time their business with an adorable new take on decadent hooded towels with hoods that really fit! Made with super soft and absorbent bamboo terry on the inside, which wicks away moisture on contact, and velvety soft chenille on the outside, getting out of the tub feels great. Adding to the tactile experience of the fabric are the delightful colors and prints that turn an ordinary bath into a circus of fun. Each towel comes in traditional classic colors or a menagerie of animals to choose from: tiger, zebra, leopard, and two different colored cows all complete with the endearing addition of ears on the hoods. Retail price for these towels starts at $48 CDN.

Ordering any of these collections from Baby Magoo is as simple as clicking on their Web site at www.babymagoo.com.

Baby Sherpa’s Safe2Go — New Safety Harness Is Ready for Adventures.

Baby Sherpa Safe2Go
Gone are the days of frazzled mothers running after their children in the grocery store. Baby Sherpa has just made life easier with the help of their new Safe2Go backpack harness, which safely and comfortably keeps your beginning walker to your 4 year-old securely in your reach, while permitting their drive for freedom and curiosity to be satiated. Each backpack features a fully retractable 38-inch tether that securely holds a child up to 50 pounds. The tether can be placed in the backpack when not in use, and space in the pack for a beloved toy or healthy snack is conveniently available as well. There are a variety of whimsical characters to choose from, making it entirely possible that your child’s favorite is perched happily on his back. There are twelve different animals ranging from a cute sea turtle to a perky white tiger. This harness was designed with comfort and safety in mind and meets ASTM and CE standards and is CPSIA compliant, which at a retail price of $27, is enough to make a parent breathe easy.

See the selection of Safe2Go harness backpacks at www.babysherpa.com.

Abiie BabyDeck Stroller — This One Does Double Duty!

Abiie Baby Deck
Looking all over to find a place to change a baby’s diaper when you’re not home is a thing of the past with the new BabyDeck Stroller/Changing table combination created by Abiie. The BabyDeck takes the reality of an active parent’s schedule to heart with its innovative solution for changing diapers on the go — its patented design allows a parent to transform this comfortable stroller into a sanitary and reliable diaper changing station. Its easy to clean surface is revealed with the simple flip of a switch, converting the seat to a fully reclined position making changing your baby’s diaper a snap no matter where you are!

For more information, visit www.abiie.com.

BabbaCo Covers — Take the Sting Out of Sunny Days.

Babbaco Janie Jules Airy Cotton
Babies have super-sensitive skin that is highly susceptible to getting burned by the sun on a bright day, yet doctors recommend that parents not apply sunscreen to their baby until they are 6 months old. What is a parent to do? Staying inside all summer, or dressing baby in warm long-sleeved clothes just to avoid dangerous and painful sunburn is no longer necessary with the Airy Cotton Babba Cover for infant car seat carriers. The Airy Cotton Babba cover is made of 100% machine washable cotton fabric that boasts a layer of SPF and UV protection of 40-50+. Highly breathable mosquito mesh side panels are great for keeping stinging bugs and irritating flies off your baby while keeping baby clearly visible and easily accessible at all times. Fitting all standard sized infant car seat carriers, The Airy Cotton Babba cover comes in a fun assortment of prints which retail for $60.00.

See more at www.babbaco.com.

Lipper International — Innovations Put Competition Under the Table!

Lipper Intl. Portable Table & Stool Set
Lipper International’s Kids Collection has long been known for its quality, durability, pricing and innovative, practical designs in table sets, toy chests, desks and accessories for bedrooms and playrooms. At this year’s ABC Expo, Lipper presented a new design, created by Matthew Herschler, for an all-in-one, portable table and stool set. When stored, everything is compact. In a snap, it becomes a sturdy, beautiful, finely finished table and 2 matching stools. An amazing design in engineering and value. It’s perfect for grandparents and anywhere that space is tight. Even retailers would love it as an extra space for customer’s children in the store or for special events.

The 3-Piece Portable Table & Stool Set is avialable in Cherry or Pecan finish. Table measures 24.25” x 15.5” x 20”. Stools are 11.5” x 1./5” x 11.25” Perfect for crafts, playtime snacks and table-side chats with grandma!

For more information, visit www.lipperinternational.com

What were your best buys at ABC? If you were an exhibitor, let us know what we missed! Consider this article an extension of the trade show. If you’re registered as a free member on The Giggle Guide® feel free to add your comments below. Smile

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