Gift Shows Give Retailers New Opportunties

JUMBiES® - Darwin the Ducky
In January, I attended The California Gift Show, LA Mart, NYIGF and 7 W Baby & Gift Fair. The shows were brimming with exciting new products for children’s retailers. Here are some quick-pick highlights of a few of the many fantastic products that caught my attention at the gift markets: JUMBiES, Capturing Couture, SplatBack, Kover-Ups and Oomfy. Enjoy my gift rap, and look for upcoming reviews from Toy Fair, KidShow and MAGIC.

JUMBiES Are New Mixed-Up Animals

JUMBiES® - Warner theTyramosaurus
I did a double-take when I saw the crazy menagerie of wacky and wild plush animals in the JUMBiES booth at The California Gift Show. The story goes that the fantastical new breed of two-in-one baby animals got “jumbled” when the birth-delivery storks flew off course and crashed into each other, creating crazy new combos of creatures.

I saw a dozen JUMBiES designed from a combination of recognizable features from two different breeds, including Zumbo the Zelephant, Kloie the Horsefly, Bunker the Dingbat, Darwin the Duckey, Samson the Sealin, Leopold the Leopird, and more. Complete with character profiles, names and birthdays (D.O.J. – Date of Jumble), these characters stand 5” to 8” tall and retail for $6.95 each. A companion book, “The Story of JUMBiES” will be published in March.

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Capturing Couture Designs Camera Straps with Snap

Capturing Couture - Designer Camera Straps
Shelley Bostrom of PAD Showroom is both a juvenile products manufacturer for Patricia Ann Designs and a multi-line showroom rep who specializes in kid products designed by “mompreneurs.” Shelley always offers something new for me to explore, and this time out, Capturing Couture was the brand that caught my eye at her booth at The California Gift Show.

Founded by two working moms, Capturing Couture is a unique collection of designer camera straps. The line includes a wide variety of designs, made with custom trims, quality hardware, velvet neckpads and strong nylon webbing. The straps define fashion and function for camera lovers. Various widths of full-length camera straps are offered, plus a selection of wristlet straps. Retail prices range from $19 to $35. The wristlet straps are multi-purpose and can also be used for cell phone holders and small purses.

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SplatBack Makes a Splash at Gift Market

SplatBack! Collection - The Egg Splats and Goes Back!
Talk about a product “breaking all the rules!” I felt like a school boy again playing with a SplatBack toy at The California Gift Show. I had a blast as I slammed an egg-shaped ball to the ground and made it “crack” sunny-side up, then watched with amazement as it magically transformed back to its original shape. Crazy fun!

The “splat that always comes back” is available in a variety of shapes, including a pig, tomato, mouse, basketball, fish and poop.

SplatBack balls retail for $3 each and could become the next collectible craze for kids of all ages, including kids-at-heart like me!

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Kover-Ups Add a Decorative Touch to Bed Rails

Kasey Kollection - Kover-Ups
At the 7 W NYC Baby & Kid Fair, I uncovered Kover-Ups, new decorative covers for children’s bed rails. Kover-Ups make bed rails more attractive and also shield children from germs.

The line features three designs; The Klassic, Kasey and Krumpkin Kollections, each with select colors, patterns and appliqués. Kover-Ups can also be personalized with monograms, and retail for $30 to $60 each.

I have not seen a designer cover for twin or toddler bed rails on the market before, and thought it was a perfect fit, especially for families transitioning from a baby’s coordinated nursery to the “I’m-a- big-kid-now” stage.

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Oomfy to the Rescue!

Oomfy™ - Thandi the Monkey
At NYIGF, I was fortunate to learn about the Oomfy. It’s an orphaned wild animal, named from the sound a baby animal makes when hungry. Oomfy is also a business with a social mission, introducing a variety of plush and knit animals and companion books that represent real orphaned wild animals. Proceeds from the sale of these products are used to fully finance the rescue, rehabilitation and release of orphaned wild animals. Children will love the Oomfy collection and will also learn about the baby animals’ lives and their need to survive. The Giggle Guide plans to share a more in-depth feature about this new company and life-affirming enterprise.

Look for Oomfy at Toy Fair in NYC, Booth 1054. For more information, visit

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