Bright New Lines Shined at ENK Children’s Club

Malibu Sugar
Produced four times a year, the ENK International Children’s Club in NYC in early March was a great success and positive spirits ran high. Both Stanley Kaye, Show Director for the Children’s Club, and Elyse Kroll, chairwoman and founder of ENK International, took it as a sign that the market is “bouncing back.” Floor traffic was steady and the variety of sellers both nationally and globally offered a lot to consider. March’s event included a runway fashion show sponsored by Vogue Bambini, with the models sporting back-to-school trends. The show introduced many newer players including: Malibu Sugar, Babysoy, Knitoes & Co., and Tuff Cookie.

Malibu Sugar Shines with Sunny Rainbow Colors!

Malibu Sugar
Straight from sunny Malibu, California, Jill Garcia (the woman who started JK Tees) presented Malibu Sugar and the Basix collection.

Created for little girls, tweens, and teenagers, the line provides exactly what it says it does — the basics. Bra camisoles and full camisoles, shorts, leggings (of all varieties, including ankle length, capri, and rhinestone), tank tops (racer and full back), ruffle skirts, short and long-sleeve tees.

What makes Malibu truly unique is the amount of radiant color choices. There are over sixty colors to choose from, including “eggplant,” “pebble,” “peacock,” “Indian bead,” “chocomilk” “bubblegum” and “daisy yellow.” Such a wide color scale, along with an equally diverse amount of styles, is perfect for the mix and match/layered-look so popular with girls today. Malibu Sugar’s prices are reasonable, ranging from $4 to $14.00.

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BabySoy Has a Soft Touch

What does Babysoy + the Jane Goodall Institute equal? Janey Baby Collection! Working together the two companies have come up with a product line that increases awareness about endangered species and supports the institute and its efforts.

Babysoy itself was founded with a mission to make eco-friendly clothing affordable to environmentally conscious parents. Having discovered soybean fiber as prime material for creating soft, natural baby clothing, Babysoy has created a full line of one-pieces, bibs, blankets, mittens, hoodies, and other cuddly items for newborns. The soybean fiber is softer than plain cotton and holds warmth longer.

Newborn body suits from the Janey Baby Collection are made from soy fiber and organic cotton. Each is $18.00, and comes with a print of an endangered species on the front, including a chimp, kakapo and lynx. Proceeds help the Institute protect those same animals and many others.

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Knitoes & Co. Steps Out with Knitted Booties

Knitoes & Co
After their newborn son received a pair of hand crocheted loafers as a present, the founders of Knitoes & Co. fell in love with the idea of knitted footwear for little ones. Knitoes, a family owned company based in NYC, creates knitted boots, slippers, and sandals for babies 0-12 months.

The products are crafted with sharp detail and elegant stitching from 100% cotton with suede leather for the soles. Each pair of booties is packaged in a cute bucket sporting an old fashioned looking rope handle and the Knitoes logo. For fall, this baby footwear reflects the season in earth tones, neutral colors and classic looks.

A few particular favorites are the Mary Janes ($29.99, off-white), Knitoes Baby Gladiator Sandals ($29.99, brown and white), Gray Ankle Boots ($29.99) and Knitoes Ruffle Booties ($29.99, brown and white).

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Tuff Cookie Has a Head for Warming Trends.

Tuff Cookie Clothing Company
Although she and her husband Brian now live in Massachusetts, Anastassia Gonye, the owner and designer of Tuff Cookie, grew up in Moscow where she (as she put it), “learned how important it is to keep your head warm in the cold.” Discovering durable fleece, she knew it was the best fabric for a hat, and has been making hats, coats, mittens, and even car seat covers ever since.

Tuff Cookie is family owned, and the name for the company came from a desire to represent the both goofy and resilient nature of children. The clothing helps keep children warm, happy, and dressed to impress — with colorful, cozy, whimsical designs including monsters, frogs, butterflies and pigtails.

The garment are assembled (by skilled crafts-folk paid a fair living wage) in Fall River from 50% recycled Polartec fleece (produced in Lawrence, MA), which is machine washable and very light weight. Tuff Cookies offers products for children sizes three months to six years old. Hats retail from $28 to $32 and jackets retail at $42 to $84.

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