The ABC Kids Expo Celebrated 10th Anniversary

The Sili Company

The annual ABC Kids Expo is a big draw to vendors and buyers alike. Ranked #12 in the US as one of the fastest growing shows, exhibitors know they will get great exposure at the ABC Kids Expo in Louisville. Buyers know that they won’t have to do much searching to find all that is the latest and greatest in the children’s market. Saving time and money is about one of the greatest gifts you can give businesses these days. Plus, regardless of whether the economy is up or down, the Expo’s friendly, open venue cuts through all the red tape to make connecting businesses easy and relationship-building simple.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the ABC Kids Expo seemed to have more special events and celebrations than ever, including the Maternity Row ABC Runway Show; the JPMA 50th Anniversary Innovation Awards; a Town Meeting to introduce Brixy, the new retailer association (; a celebratory ABC Breakfast to honor those that have attended every Expo; and the Industry Party that rocked 4th Street Live. A few of the brands that captured the attention of The Giggle Guide’s Leesa Valentino included Sili, Neon Tiki Tribe, Okkatots, and Kidsme. Not only did these exhibitors offer praiseworthy products, but they also had rave reviews about their show experiences.

Getting Serious EXPOsure: Sili Squeeze

The Sili Company
There’s nothing silly about a non-toxic, dishwasher-safe product that allows kids to enjoy a healthy snack and frees parents up to focus on other important things. The Sili Squeeze, a washable silicone food container, can be filled with goodies like yogurt, applesauce, or pureed foods. After the amazing success of selling directly to consumers, Sili recently started a new program targeted at retailers. There are few better places to boost a retail program than at the ABC Kids Expo.

Sili’s experience at the Expo? “It was educational, inspiring, and motivational. It was exciting to have buyers of all calibers interested in our product. Very much well worth it!” notes owner Kristin Ahmer.

With two versions of the Sili Squeeze, retailers are able to get a product that appeals to a large number of customers. The Original Sili Squeeze is just right for tiny hands that operate on a pureed food diet; parents and caregivers can easily deliver mixes of pureed meals and snacks via the Squeeze. The Sili Squeeze with Eeeze is for toddlers and the kindergarten crowd. Snacks can be put in just before leaving home, or a yogurt smoothie can be frozen in the container overnight for a lunch treat.

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Neon Tiki Tribe Extends Its Territory

Neon Tiki Tribe
Historians tell us that important information used to always be communicated via word-of-mouth –– which makes sense because people get vital news from those they trust. That was the appeal that drew the interest of Neon Tiki Tribe to exhibit at ABC: “We heard so many great things about it through other people in the industry… that it was one of the best-run shows…” The ABC Kids Expo is all about spreading the word of great companies, making it a perfect fit for the award-winning book series from Neon Tiki Tribe.

The books focus on building a strong moral understanding of the world and are targeted towards beginning readers. Brightly-colored superheroes educate about tough topics, including bullying and the value of perseverance. While kids will enjoy the engaging stories and neon characters, the special appeal from the series is its unique font that’s easy-to-read for the average kid, but a real boon for those battling dyslexia.

Kids of all ages can also rock out in Neon Tiki Tribe t-shirts or deck the halls with Tribe posters. Bring the whole tribe to your store:

Natural Winners: Okkatots

The ABC Show is always about what’s new and fresh, like the naturally-designed baby carriers from Okkatots. The carriers are an organic outgrowth of an original product designed to keep squirmy tots safe in the shopping cart. “Babies grow rapidly during their first year of life. Parents come in numerous sizes. We meet the challenge of such rapid growth and diversity,” affirms Okkatots’ Jan Gray.

The innovative carrier design allows parents to easily care for baby while providing support for the infant’s neck and shoulders. Available in tan or black, this carrier’s real power lies in its ability to adjust to the changing needs of babies. Small infants can be pulled in closer to the wearer’s body for heat and comfort. The wandering gaze of older babies can be accommodated with a great view of the world, while still being snuggled against parents or caregivers. The design of the carrier allows for baby’s weight to be evenly distributed and comfortably adjusts for little ones up to 25 lbs.

Everything at Okkatots is developed with parents and kids in mind. The Travel Baby Depot bag is a boon to busy parents and caregivers who need to schlep baby’s or older children’s accessories around. The roomy pack is easy to carry and has a number of convenient pockets including an insulated one for bottles or food and zippered areas for quick, safe storage. One of the back pockets is even sturdy enough to support a small book or electronic device. Bags available in red, navy, gray, and black.

The fashionable black couture Shoulder Bag is a great way for busy parents to match style and function when out with little ones.

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Kidsme Brings Experience to the Expo

We often listen to the veterans who have “been there and done that”— after all, they know what they’re talking about from personal experience. With over 30 years under its belt, Kidsme by BabySquare has earned its stripes –– so being a part of the ABC Kids Expo speaks volumes. What attracted Kidsme to the show? What every vendor in the world wants: to get “more retailers to carry our products.”

Kidsme goodies got a good look from a broad range of serious buyers, too. Which is great, because Kidsme has a lot of innovative products that provide real solutions for busy families. The Anti-Colic Milk Bottle is specially designed to support complaint-free feeding, and prevents air from creeping in to irritate tender tummies.

Babies ready to move up to more substantial foods often need to have them mashed or pureed, a very time-consuming task. Kidsme comes to the rescue with its multi-purpose Food Scissors. These cool cutters slice or smash soft foods into something more palatable for beginning biters.

The Kidsme Food Feeder is an innovative way for children to begin learning self-feeding and independence. Infants 6 months and older can access stomach-filling goodness safely and effectively. Easy to grasp, the Feeder delivers food via a washable silicone sac (replacement sacs are available and simple to swap in and out of the Feeder). Of course, since safety is a priority at Kidsme, this product is entirely BPA-free and non-toxic.

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