Surprises in Store at KIDShow Las Vegas


The February KIDShow at Bally’s Las Vegas (February 18-20) marks the beginning of my twelfth year attending KIDShow Vegas. It’s no surprise to me that KIDShow continues to serve the needs of its loyal and new vendors and retailers. After viewing so much children’s apparel over the last few decades, I still love to attend KIDShow with a keener interest to not only see the fashions, but to learn more about the people behind the brands. That’s why I asked several exhibitors these questions: “What would someone be surprised to know about you?” and “What will buyers be surprised to see in your 2013 Fall collections?”


Babysoy Convertible Bundler/One-Piece
David Lin of Babysoy says:

You’d be surprised to know…
that I used to be an athlete. I was a cross country runner and basketball player until I suffered knee and back injuries.

Buyers will be surprised to see…
the new Babysoy convertible bundler/one piece. Just by changing how one snaps the bottom of the piece, it easily converts from a bundler into a one-piece.

This gives parents a choice of how they want to dress their babies. Personally I find bundlers great for easy diaper changing, and one-piece rompers are great for when placing babies on bouncers or sleepers. Legs separated so putting on safety belts is easy.


Kathleen Dougherty, designer at Cachcach says:

You’d be surprised to know…
I have a background in fine arts and got into clothing design after I won a fashion design contest. The prize was a scholarship to Brooks College of fashion design. I have now been designing miniature fashion statements for over 20 years!

It’s also surprising that our Owner/CEO Paul Kohne, was raised in Brazil and California and worked a few seasons with Club Med where he perfected his French and learned a thing or two about French pastries and bread. He opened a successful bakery in Newport Beach, CA. In addition to the bakery, Paul started his clothing factory in 1984 to produce the made-in-the-U.S.A. Cachcach line.

Many are also surprised to learn that “cachcach” means “hide and seek” in French.

Buyers will be surprised to see…
that for the 2013 Fall season, not only do we have sweet layette, “Soho cute” dress up, and fancy dress up for girls, but we also have more wearable art for boys in layette/toddler. My design mission is to make a stylish, completely accessorized fashion statement all on one hanger! We offer one-stop shopping, full of surprises.

Donita Fashions

Michael Berens, Sales and Marketing Director of Donita says:

You’d be surprised to know…
I used to be a pro baseball player with the S.F. Giants. I won MVP of the Pacific Coast League AA ball in the late 80’s. When I was 15, we won the Babe Ruth World Series when I played with a Culver City, California team. Other personal trivia includes growing up with the celebrity brat pack in Malibu, and I have many Charlie Sheen stories! Ask me about my passion for catch-and-release fishing, as I am co-founder of the Unemployed Fishing Club:

Buyers will be surprised to see…
that Donita’s parent company, Liza Garment, has added a Couture Collection, at a bit higher price with better fabrics. For 2013 Fall/Winter we also added a tween group, sizes 7 to 14, and Bubble, a new playwear line. Buyers may also be pleasantly surprised to discover that if they order immediate buys for Spring 2013, they can earn a 20% credit toward fall/winter orders placed during KidShow! I welcome you to see for yourself why we are one of the busiest booths at the show:

Scoop Showroom

Miss Behave from Scoop Showroom
Heidi Ngo-Burchfield, ring leader of Scoop Showroom at the California Market Center Sales says:

You’d be surprised to know…
I am a certified Cisco technician. Before this industry I was headed into IT management! I’m also about to proudly send my 20-year old to USC. So, I need more sales for sure!

Buyers will be surprised to see…
that they do not have to sacrifice design or quality. My Fall lines are affordable, with outstanding quality. Brands represented include Mini Shatsu, Trumpette, Tractor Jeans, Miss Behave, Life Clothing, Iscream and Dino Bebe. You’ll be surprised at the variety and value from one booth.

Get all the Scoop at


Amber Schaub, co-owner and designer of RuffleButts says:

You’d be surprised to know…
my husband and I moved 6 times in our first 8 years of marriage. We’re always up for something new! Also, I was a dancer in my previous life, and attended the Louisville Youth Performing Arts School through middle and high school. I always have been and always will be amazed by the talent and determination of performing artists. Many buyers are surprised to learn that I started RuffleButts before having children of my own!

Buyers will be surprised to see…
the growth of RuffleButts for the Fall collection. The number of product categories our stores will have available when they show with us has expanded. We always try to listen to our customers and provide them with products that sell. We’re in it together, so we are listening, and busy working away at product development.


Sozo - Cuddle Mats
Sean Gildea of Sozo says:

You’d be surprised to know…
I’m a dancing machine! My mom was a professional dancer so my brother, sisters and I all grew up with dance and I almost pursued it as a career.

Buyers will be surprised to see…
Cuddle Mats and Raincoats! Our Cuddle Mats just won a Best New Product Award for Decor at NY Gift so we’re very excited about adding these new categories to our assortment.

Dapper Apologist Showroom

Bouton at Dapper Apologist Showroom
Melissa Feuer, co-owner of the new rep showroom in San Francisco, says:

You’d be surprised to know…
that long ago I was a photographer (I went to art school with one of our current clients!), and our co-owner Rachel Phillips was a Montessori school teacher and early childhood development expert.

Buyers will be surprised to see…
our carefully-curated family of modern brands, making Dapper Apologist a one-stop showroom for that clean, modern, fashion-forward look for kids apparel, accessories and home goods. We hope you’ll enjoy these brands: Bouton Kids, a UK line of children’s apparel using hand-dyed cloth from India; Daswood Design, that creates beautiful eco-mobiles in rich, deep tones for nurseries; Kata Golda, featuring handcrafted DIY kits, finger puppets, wall hangings, banners, stuffed animals, photo albums and more; and Sweet Dreams & Flying Machines from Vancouver for mod and safe wearable blankets.


Gagou Taou at Effigi
Johanne Labonte, sales executive, International Trade and Development at Effigi, Canada, says:

You’d be surprised to know…
that our Gagou Tagou toddler collection is the number two recognized brand in Canada and among the best babies and kids collections in Japan, Australia, Dubai and many countries in Europe. And that we create trends for the whole family.

Buyers will be surprised to see…
how the creative department adapts to the trends. The Gagou Tagou and the Romeo & Juliette collections are created with different moods and color palettes. Once our design team has done the creative part of the garment, we then hand it over to our in-house graphic designers that dress up the collection with new and exciting patterns and fun characters. But what a lot of people are surprised to know is how we do all this and manage to have such a low price structure. The buyers love the styling of our collections and are always surprised at the diversity and variety of the groups. We adapt the colors from soft to vibrant and we ensure that all categories are fun to wear.

Wee Ones

Wee Ones
Gina Faust, owner of Wee Ones says:

You’d be surprised to know…
we lived in London, England for four years and have two children.

Buyers will be surprised to see…
the bold colors and prints in apparel that are reflected in the 2013 Fall Wee Ones Collection. You’ll see popular Chevron in bows; Petals, new multi-layered flowers; and lots of color. Another surprising twist? Pink and green for the holidays!

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