What’s New at the New York Now Trade Show?

Luca & Company

Trade shows have been around for decades, but it’s only fairly recently that they have exploded into major multi-media events. The rise of technology enables bigger and more advanced displays, and social media gives companies the chance to keep customers engaged in their daily progress. Trade shows now draw thousands of visitors at a time, and can be breakthrough events for new companies and products.

NY Now, formerly the New York International Gift Fair, is almost here again! The huge trade show – one of the largest of its kind in the world – is slated to run from February 1-6 at the Jacob Javitz Center in New York City, and will include some of the most successful home and lifestyle businesses in the industry, as well as those making their way to the top. Among the impressive line-up of exhibitors are some promising up-and-coming children’s product sellers, including BeanPatch & Co., Lava Lunch, Free Like Birdie, and Luca & Company.

Beanpatch & Co. Offers Scandinavian Products

Beanpatch - Franck & Fischer
Romance can inspire a variety of life changes; sometimes it can even inspire entrepreneurship. That was the case for Dana Michels Gabrielsen, the founder of Beanpatch & Co. Dana, an entertainment lawyer from Los Angeles, decided to embark on a travel adventure. While living in Sydney, Australia, she attended a Scandinavian harbor cruise party and met Henning, the man who would become her husband. Her relationship with Henning led her to move to his native Norway to start a new life and family. She found that Norway was a great place to raise children, thanks in large part to its progressive childrearing philosophy and creative toy designs.

As a new mom, Dana’s appreciation for Scandinavian children’s products grew, and she wanted to make the unique design and superior function of these products available to her American friends and family. With that goal in mind she launched Beanpatch & Co., and today is seeing her dream come true as her business continues to grow. Beanpatch offers simple yet stylish stuffed toys, pillows, blankets, clothing and accessories for kids from brands like Franck & Fischer, Lillelam and Baghera.

The products are made with the best materials available, so they’re soft, colorful, safe and eco-friendly: www.beanpatchandco.com

Lava Lunch Keeps Food Deliciously Hot

Lava Lunch
Lava Lunch is an insulated lunch tote that keeps food truly hot for hours. How do they do it? A revolutionary new product called Lava Rocks. Lava Rocks’ proprietary design allows them to absorb heat from a quick, two-minute run in the microwave. Once activated, they are placed in the tote and will keep the contents hot for hours. The Lava Rocks are safe and puncture-proof, and can be used again and again.

Lava Lunch’s founder, Melissa Zimberg, created her product to help accommodate her son’s special dietary needs. Like many moms of kids with food allergies, Melissa found that mealtimes could be a challenge, especially when on the go. Many of the common lunch and snack foods were no-nos, so it was much easier to bring specially prepared leftovers from home. Unsatisfied with everyday lunch bags’ ability to keep food hot, Melissa decided to develop a more effective tote, and so Lava Lunch came to be.

Lava Lunch will be a lifesaver for anyone who wants to eat more healthy meals, save money, and enjoy yummier take-along food options. It can also be used sans-Lava Rocks when you want to bring a cold meal. Perfect!

For more information, visit www.lavalunch.com

Free Like Birdie is Ready for Flight

Free Like Birdie
Traveling can be fun, educational, and exciting, but for parents of young children, the prospect of travel can bring to mind a myriad of concerns. Being on the road with kids in tow can mean an ongoing struggle to keep the little ones happy, quiet and organized. Free Like Birdie is a company that offers products to help take some of the stress out of traveling with young children by giving kids their own easy-to-organize luggage.

The line features three separate pieces: one for diapers, one for clothing, and a larger Weekender bag for general use. Customers can also choose to purchase the full On The Go travel system, which includes all three pieces. Each piece features two separate sides, labeled “clean” and “dirty” so clothing goes where it should. The pieces are waterproof and sealed to keep odors in check.

Free Like Birdie’s CEO, Rania Kfouri, did a lot of traveling as a child and wanted to pass down her love of travel to her own daughters. Rania believes that travel –– whether it’s across the world or in one’s own neighborhood — is a wonderful educational tool, and hopes her customers find joy in their adventures.

For more information, visit www.freelikebirdie.com

Luca & Company Imports European Fun Finds

Luca & Company
Toronto entrepreneur Kim DiMarco became somewhat obsessed with children’s products after her first son was born. Like most parents, Kim was determined to help her little boy reach his full potential; she would spend time online checking out the latest and best toys, games and other kid stuff to find the best items for her son’s entertainment and development. Along the way, Kim found that many of the high-quality, innovative toys and games originated in Europe and were not available in North America. After researching the possibilities, Kim launched Luca & Company, a business that offers customers a range of wonderful imported children’s products.

One example of such products is the Fun Pod, a kid-sized booth that allows babies and young children to be safe in the kitchen while grown-ups are cooking. While in the FunPod, children can watch mom and dad cook from the safety of their own little space away from heat and other hazards.

Luca & Company also carries other fun items like large stackable farm animals, 3-D play rugs, and convertible desk/writing board combos. They also offer artwork made to adorn the walls of kids’ rooms; all featuring the eye-catching design and superb function that European-made products provide.

Visit their shop at www.lucaandcompany.com

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