Playtime NY: A Walk in the Park

poeme & poésie

Playtime NY took place August 2-4, 2014 at the Metropolitan Pavilion and attracted over 100 vendors and thousands of visitors. Each year the show has a unique theme that influences the décor and ties the various displays together. This time the theme was Luna Park, in honor of the famed Coney Island theme park destination. Highlights included Kid Source’s Trend Hotspot, a display highlighting the key colors, styles and materials of the season. Vendors could also take part in a marketing strategy conference to help streamline the way they present their businesses to the world.

As a nice break from work-related activities, all Playtime participants got their pictures taken in a fun photo-shoot featuring backgrounds by the graphic design firm Colorium. Among the smiling faces were representatives from Be Lucky Kids, Two and Two Kids, poème & poésie, and Luna & Stella.

Be Lucky Kids Walk on the Wild Side

Be Lucky
As most parents will tell you, kids love to push the boundaries and break the rules. Even when they don’t mean to find trouble, their boundless energy, curious minds, and developing physical coordination can easily work together to help trouble find them. This natural wild streak is one of the reasons so many older kids begin to embrace more grown-up, punk-style fashions; clothing is one way they can safely express their individuality and independence while exercising their creativity. Be Lucky Kids is a clothing brand that celebrates the rock & roll in every child. Their style is a bit in-your-face, while still retaining a very kid-friendly vibe.

Be Lucky boasts bright colors, bold prints and up-to-the-edgy styles. Tanks, T’s, skinny jeans and hip vintage sweaters rule. The European aesthetic is evident in this Spain-based company, and although the clothes are made for kids, most adults would envy the high-fashion look of the line. The company is made up of professionals who share many years of experience in the fashion and textile industry.

This could be a stroke of good fortune for your store’s fashion selection:

poème & poésie Celebrates the Past with a Today Flair

poème & poésie
There’s something about a small child in vintage-inspired clothing that has a way of melting grown-up hearts. The clothing of yesteryear represents a simpler, more innocent time, in many ways embodying the spirit of childhood. Then there’s the fact that vintage wear is usually very well made. Even the most basic garments that were made many decades ago featured quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The beautiful poème & poésie collection features dresses, tops, pants, bloomers, and more in delicate fabrics and soft colors. Many of the pieces are adorned with intricate embroidery that showcases the quality and finishing touches that are this brand’s trademark. It’s an excellent choice for layette sets that will draw “ooh’s” and “aahhs” at any baby shower.

poème & poésie is the creation of a mother-daughter team whose heritage can be traced to the South Asian country of Sri Lanka. It’s a place known for its textiles, and as a former British colony, its culture includes a mix of both Asian and European influences. poème & poésie’s unique style has drawn the eye of customers around the world, including high-profile parents.

Travel back in time at

Two and Two Equals Spanish Textiles and Bright Colors

Two and Two Kids
The Spanish textile business is exploding with talent, and Two and Two Kids is one of the businesses enjoying the upswing. Their fresh and fun line of children’s clothing focuses on swimwear, as well as on cotton separates. The line has an upbeat feel and calls to mind a fun and relaxing escape to a Mediterranean seaside resort. Their best sellers are girls’ one-piece swimsuits and boys’ shorts in a variety of patterns and prints.

Like many, Two and Two relies on eye-catching colors and prints to reel in customers. Of course, they also take pride in their country’s longstanding tradition of quality clothing manufacturing.

After several years experience in the fashion world, Mar Sanchez-Haro decided to undertake a new project focused on children’s wear. Haro, a mother of two, with the help of her husband Juan and her sister Teresa (also a mom of two, hence the company name Two and Two) embarked on her entrepreneurial journey hoping to bring something new to the children’s fashion scene. This family business combines the founders’ individual talents to create products, marketing and service to take them to the top of their industry.

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Luna & Stella Sparkles with Birthstone Jewelry

Luna & Stella
Even if you don’t believe in astrology, you probably have been exposed to the idea that an individual’s personality traits are somehow related to his or her birth month. This idea that each month is special with its own unique characteristics is one that’s deeply ingrained in our culture, which is why birth stone jewelry is a classic that shows no sign of going out of style. People enjoy wearing jewelry with their own birthstone or the birthstones of their children. It’s a popular choice for birthdays, Mother’s Day and most other gift-giving holidays.

If your customers want elegant birth stone jewelry available in both classic and contemporary styles, Luna & Stella is an excellent choice. Their necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks and charms sparkle with color are great keepsakes. The Providence, Rhode Island company has strong New England values. Luna & Stella is all about celebrating the power of family, and helping people find the perfect birthstone gifts.

Luna & Stella is a family business. Founder Susan Ellis-Wernevi’s background is in merchandising and product development. Her mom Caroline and husband Erik add their respective talents of organization and writing to the mix.

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