Playtime NY Showcases Fashions for Hip Kids


Children’s fashion was out in full force last month at the Playtime New York trade show. The event, which took place at Metropolitan West in downtown Manhattan, welcomed 120 presenters and thousands of visitors.

Today’s children’s designers are challenged to create clothing and room decor that suits the updated, more sophisticated style that older grade school kids and tweens often want. Even babies are getting in on the action with simpler, more understated styles. With access to so much social media, kids (and their parents) can follow their friends and favorite celebrities’ every move, including their fashion and décor choices. This immersion in trends can make a fashion critic out of even the youngest consumer.

While classic kids’ clothing and décor are still relevant and likely will be for many years to come, the new paradigm is an opportunity for both emerging and established companies to flex their creative muscles and introduce fresh products to the kids’ fashion scene.

RaspberryPlum Intros Vintage British Style

Ready for some international flavor? Playtime New York showcased plenty of overseas brands this year, including RaspberryPlum, a London-based brand founded by Loyal College of Art graduate Aleksandra Stasic, who is originally from Belgrade. Her creations combine a utilitarian design philosophy with a good dose of vintage British style. The apparel is made to look cool and in vogue while standing up to the rough and tumble play that kids can dish out, thanks to the quality manufacturing and durable, comfortable fabrics – many of which are organic.

Little girls can stand out from the crowd in the company’s 60s-look soft jersey A-line Margot dress, complete with a Scout-inspired collar and colorful cuffs and pockets. The A-line mini Lilly dress has a similar throwback appeal, with its sailor collar and faux pinafore front. For more casual occasions, there’s a small but high-quality selection of trousers and funky striped socks available in the collection.

In addition to RaspberryPlum’s popular girls’ clothing, they are soon to roll out lines for boys and infants. With such an innovative eye for fashion and attention to detail, this business is sure to be one to watch in the coming months:

Lorena Canals: Room Décor with a Spanish Flair

Lorena Canals
Creating the perfect bedroom environment is important to many kids these days. Whether they started out in a 4-star, meticulously decorated nursery or in a more modest crib in mom and dad’s room, by the time they’re old enough to develop their own interests, kids usually want their rooms to reflect their personalities. This means a move toward personalized décor that’s comfortable, functional and fun. There are plenty of options for kids’ rooms, from classics inspired by cartoon and book characters to clean, contemporary lifestyle design inspirations.

Lorena Canals is a Spanish textile company specializing in room décor for children. They mainly offer wall decorations but also provide plush cushions for beds, couches and chairs. With a long history of quality European home goods to their credit, they supply items that allow their customers to build the rooms of their dreams.

From soft, lush printed rugs and wall tapestries to beautiful knitted blankets and decorative acrylic wall art, there’s a little something for everyone at Lorena Canals:

Ellie Fun Day Offers Keepsake Blankets

Ellie Fun Day
Baby blankets are among the items that parents most frequently treasure as keepsakes. They’re one of the most popular snuggly comfort items that babies and young children enjoy. That’s why when choosing a baby “blankie,” it’s important to shop wisely. Depending on the blanket’s purpose, it may need to be tough –– to endure many months of wear and washing –– or stylish, to be displayed in the child’s room and kept for posterity. Whatever a blanket’s purpose, Ellie Fun Day is a company to consider. While these blankets’ superior craftsmanship puts them into the keepsake category, their gentle softness may make them a favorite lovie for baby to take everywhere.

These embroidered cotton blankets have an understated elegance that calls to mind old fashioned designs. Each one has its own unique look and they make ideal baby shower gifts. In addition to offering great products, Ellie Fun Day is a business that customers can feel good about supporting. Their blankets are made in India by local women who are paid fair living wages for their talent. It’s the company’s way of helping developing communities and making a positive mark on the world.

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Finger in the Nose Presents an Easy-Going Style

Finger in the Nose
To an American, the name of this company might evoke some chuckles and call to mind that kid in second grade who never had the decorum to use a tissue. However, to someone familiar with French colloquialisms, “finger in the nose” signifies that something is easy to do; so easy in fact that it can be accomplished with one finger up one’s nose. While we doubt that the well-thought-out and high-quality designs offered by this Paris-based children’s brand were created with that little effort, there’s no question that they were made with passion and inspiration. The surprisingly hip and sophisticated label is on top of all the latest fashion trends and draws on influences from biker culture, beach culture, and urban casual style.

Denim is one of Finger in the Nose’s specialties. They offer jeans in a wide variety of washes and cuts, all made to be stylish and comfortable. Those cool jeans can be paired with any number of tops from the company’s huge selection featuring graphic tees in original prints, cozy zip hoodies, or luxurious sweaters in skin-pampering fabrics like angora, alpaca and merino. Finish the look with a pair of their sandals or canvas shoes for a complete look.

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