Love Is in the Air at This Year's NY Toy Fair

Manhattan Toy

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and when you’re a kid, there are few things you love more than your toys. This love is for a good reason: Aside from the obvious fun and comfort toys can bring, they also serve a very important purpose. Whether they’re old favorites or new exciting additions, toys give children a chance to exercise their minds and bodies in new ways, and to develop the skills they’ll need later in life.

Considering this, it makes sense that that the 2015 New York Toy Fair kicked off its opening day on February 14 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center. The Fair, which is produced by the Toy Industry Association, brings together hundreds of exhibitors from far and wide. The whopping 422,000 net square feet of exhibition space was divided into convenient product zones, making it easy for visitors to find the types of products and companies they were looking for. Manhattan Toy, ** Lil’ Orphan Nannies**, Le Toy Van and OgoSport all felt the love in their respective product zones, bringing something fresh and interesting to this year’s show.

Manhattan Toy Introduces New Travel + Comfort Line

Manhattan Toy
The Manhattan Toy business vision is based on the belief that every great discovery in history was born from a creative idea, and that creativity is sparked and developed in life’s earliest stages, through the act of imaginative play. Through the years, they’ve won over customers with their award-winning collections of dolls, plushies, infant developmental toys, brain-stimulating games, and more. Now they’re ready to wow parents once again with their latest collection, Travel + Comfort.

Travel + Comfort is exactly what its name implies; a line of fun, functional pieces that make travel more entertaining and more convenient. Whether kids are setting out for a family vacation or taking a quick jaunt to a friend’s house for a sleepover, they can benefit from these great items.

Take for example, the Tablet Wedge. This soft, padded wedge sits on a child’s lap to make it easier for them to use their electronics while on the road. The Portable Activity Desk is another way to keep busy on the go. It creates a convenient flat surface for drawing or writing, and features a white board/chalkboard. Little necks will delight in the softness of the fox or raccoon neck pillow, which can make long trips a whole lot cozier.

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Rescue Me Pets Promote Animal Outreach

Lil’ Orphan Nannies
Most children have a soft spot in their hearts for cute, cuddly animals, particularly those creatures that need help and tender loving care. That’s why Rescue Me, the new line of plush toys from shelter/neonatal pet care company Lil’ Orphan Nannies, is sure to melt the hearts of kids of all ages. Rescue Me features friendly puppies who are looking for loving owners to make their lives complete. These adorable pups have the lively look of real baby animals, and soft, luxurious fur that makes them perfect cuddle buddies.

The best part about Rescue Me toys is that they’re based on real life animals that have benefited from Lil’ Orphan Nannies’ services. The organization’s best-selling product, the Bottle Boot, is a unique feeding system that makes nursing easier for puppies and kittens who require milk supplementation. The Bottle Boot has a nipple that’s nestled in the soft warm fleece “fur” so that it mimics the real thing as closely as possible. Each Rescue Me toy comes with its own mini Bottle Boot as well as a DVD and diary that features real stories of rescued pets.

Proceeds from sales go to help continue Lil Orphan Nannies’ admirable animal outreach work:

Le Toy Van Creates Wooden Toys for Lasting Play

Le Toy Van
Wooden toys are an essential part of any toy box. They’re sturdy and hold up to all kinds of rough and tumble play without breaking or wearing down. The natural material makes them safe and eco-friendly, and the brightly painted colors create a wonderful visual treat that you just don’t get from molded plastic. A great deal of work goes into high-quality wooden toys, which is why they have been a favorite for so many years.

Le Toy Van is an excellent example of why wooden toys are so popular. This UK-based company creates beautiful toys that encourage kids’ creativity and inspire hours of play. Their selection goes way beyond the average trains and blocks most people think of when they hear the words “wooden toys,” offering a wide array of play sets including both wood and non-wood pieces for boys and girls. Kids can enjoy a farm full of brightly painted animals, or a kitchen set complete with pots, pans, aprons and more. They can be the king or queen of their own castle, or the boss of a construction site.

Those concerned about production ethics will be pleased to know that Le Toy Van’s products are manufactured overseas using fair and equitable production practices. Representatives from the company make regular visits to the factory to make sure the conditions meet ICTI standards.

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OgoSport Hits Home Runs in Outdoor Play

When it comes to outdoor play, classic sporting goods like traditional bats and balls are great, but sometimes a kid wants something new and unique, something that challenges them in different ways and draws “wows” from their peers. How about a set of Aero Zipp balls; light, safe balls designed for dynamic speed? Or maybe a Batapult, a wide, hinged bat that allows for mind-blowing hits or super-powered pitches? If these products sound interesting, it’s because they’re from OgoSport, one of the leading designers of active and imaginative toys. OgoSport’s outdoor products are great for children of all ages as well as grown-ups. They make it easy for everyone – including kids with special needs – to enjoy sports.

OgoSport’s vision doesn’t end with outdoor play; they also offer construction and animation kits. These kits enable youngsters to create their own fun toys while increasing their spatial skills and manual dexterity. With the Pod Kit, they can build their own soft, flexible geometric “pod” that they can kick, roll and even sit inside. With OgoBild Bits, they can put together wild creations like robots and space aliens from a selection of parts and widgets. These kits are like high-tech Mr. Potato Heads, but with more room for creativity and expression.

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