Businesses Learn and Grow at the ABC Kids' Expo.


Trade shows are an excellent way for companies to show prospective retailers and customers what they have to offer in terms of goods and services, but some trade shows allow business people to build experience and learning in a multitude of ways. The All Baby and Child Conference and Trade Show (aka the ABC Kids Expo) is an opportunity for those in the children’s product industry to not only display their wares, but also to participate in seminars that are designed to expand their knowledge of the industry and keep up to date on the latest trends.

The show took place April 29-May 7 at the Rio All-suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. Nikiani, Mixed Pears, Oribel and MüV Baby were all present at this exciting event. It was a wonderful opportunity for all involved to gain exposure, learn new ways to make their businesses more profitable, and make valuable professional connections.

Nikiani’s Got a Brand New Bag

Leaving the house when you don’t have kids is a fairly simple procedure. You get dressed, grab your bag, your keys, and head out the door. Now look at that same routine, but WITH kids. You grab your bag and keys, the stroller, the diaper bag, some snacks and drinks, toys… you get the picture. Even quick errands with little ones in tow can require some pretty major packing. Consolidating all the child’s needs into one or two easy holders can make a world of difference. If these holders are also colorful and kid-friendly, even better!

Nikiani offers a line of insulated snack bags and wet backpacks in a range of cute characters like Lulu Lamb, Scout Doggy, and Stella Owl. The snack bags are the perfect size for a juice box and bag of crackers, fruit, or even a small sandwich. The wet backpacks can be used to store dirty cloth diapers, wet clothes or swimsuits, and most other damp messy items. Kids love the look of these adorable bags and likely won’t mind carrying them all by themselves, but the bags can also be attached to strollers for easy portability. Bags can also be personalized with the child’s name or initials.

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Mixed Pears’ BiteSizers: A Cut Above the Rest

Mixed Pears
When you have kids, scissors come in handy for all kinds of jobs, from haircuts to craft projects… but scissors to cut food? Now there’s a new idea! While it might seem odd at first, BiteSizers Mealtime Scissors by Mixed Pears are making believers out of thousands of parents, who are finding out that mealtimes go more smoothly with this ingenious tool.

BiteSizers are a pair of sharp stainless steel scissors that are used by caregivers to cut food. They can be used on a cutting board, or held vertically to cut food directly onto a plate or into a bowl, making it easy to serve kids bite-sized pieces that they can easily and safely handle. No more wasted seconds struggling with a knife and fork while a squirmy toddler loses patience. BiteSizers are TSA-friendly and easy to slip into a purse or bag for meals away from the home.

Mixed Pears was founded by a couple, Matt and Christina, who have a passion for helping children develop a healthy, diverse diet. While canned or jarred convenience foods meant for toddlers and children may be easy to serve and eat, they usually don’t offer the range of flavors, colors and textures that kids need to stimulate their palate. With BiteSizers, children can enjoy a wider range of foods, and have a head start on a lifetime of balanced, adventurous eating.

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Get Organized with PeriPop by Oribel

Almost every kid has a number of toys, blankets, clothing and other “stuff” that contributes to clutter in their room. Parents look for ways to reduce this clutter and make the room look neater, but kids often don’t follow up and actually keep their things in the appropriate storage containers. Now, there’s Peripop by Oribel — a hybrid storage/plush toy/playmat that just might inspire little ones to put their stuff away.

Similar to a large pillowcase, Peripop can be used as a general storage sack for toys, bedding or incidentals, but that’s not its only purpose. Peripop can also be filled with old clothes, plush toys or blankets to create a mat, pillow, soft stool or back rest. Mom or dad can use it as a an attractive and convenient stroller blanket when taking the baby out on chilly days. With so many uses, kids and parents alike will fall in love with this great product, because it can take a child through so many ages and stages.

Peripop is available in panda, fox, bear and tiger characters, each with a friendly face, bright colors, and bold markings. Peripop stands out in any room and makes for a super cute addition to the décor.

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MüV Baby: Modern Form Meets Function

MüV Baby
Strollers are getting more sophisticated by the day. Where they used to be the basic mode of getting an infant from point A to point B, they are now designed for a variety of baby and parent needs, and their features can be quite impressive. Sport strollers have been one of the biggest trends in the industry in recent years. These strollers are made to be lighter, more streamlined, and easier to maneuver than standard models, and they often include accessories that make travel and outdoor activities more convenient.

Some of the best strollers on the market are made by companies based in Europe, particularly those in the Netherlands or Denmark. These countries have a long history of incorporating young children into an active lifestyle, and their famous design methods make the most of modern form and functionality.

MüV is an Amsterdam-based maker of high-quality, innovative strollers, car seats and other baby accessories. Their products are made to provide the best in style and comfort, making it easy for babies and their parents to enjoy their time outdoors. Features include a customizable canopy, full suspension system, double padded seats, full size detachable, portable bassinet and more.

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