The Biz: Feature Articles

From a humble garage in 1973, the husband and wife team of Tom and Linda McConnell set out on a mission: to provide children with high quality, innovative toys. With Tom creating rocking horses, and Linda painting them, this dynamic team built Prince Lionheart, one of the front-running companies in the children’s industry. As the recipient of numerous awards and accolades, Prince Lionheart remains a ground-breaking company today; renowned for its top-notch, original products and exceptional service!

With recent news reports focusing on harmful substances in children’s products, parents are now more safety-conscious than ever — especially when choosing tableware for their children. Consumers are also continuing to express a growing interest in “greener” recycled products. Fortunately, there are several brands offering durable, non-toxic tableware that is produced using recycled corn, melamine and stainless steel, in colorful and interesting shapes that are particularly appealing to children. Set a place for these tasty dining innovations from Oré (SugerBooger®), Dandelion, Ginkgo and Zak Designs!

An important aspect of being a responsible children’s retailer is educating customers about modern safety concerns and the related improvements that have been made to products. Bisphenol-A (BPA), a once widely-used plasticizer in baby bottles, plastic bottles, food can linings and microwavable dishes, has recently been linked to serious health problems. Reassure your customers that there are innovative, BPA-free products available, like these from Silikids, Vapur and Base Brands, that they can feel secure about using for their children and themselves. Here’s a toast to good news!

Nomie baby
Wiggy Studio / Angel Toes

Come and play in NYC with The Giggle Guide® as we romp through the festivities to be found at The Children’s Club ENK Show! Running from October 3rd-5th at the Javits Center in New York City, ENK promises to be full of tempting goodies. We can’t wait to feast our eyes on the bounty, so today we are treating you all to a sneak peak of what you can expect at this extravaganza. Here is a tasting of some favorites, including Ragdoll and Rockets, Verimode, Baby CZ and 10 Again. Let us know what you love best, plus check back soon for our full report of the show!

Square pegs into round holes. Slippery threads through a tiny needle’s eye. Cold fingers into tight winter gloves. And… a big baby’s head into almost every neck opening on the market! Some size-to-space dilemmas will always be a challenge to solve; that’s just part of life’s little frustrations. However, dressing a wiggly baby or toddler is a mighty enough challenge without having to force a nudge-resistant noggin into a too small neck opening! The mom-inventors behind Big Head Baby have solved this age-old tight-fit frenzy by re-thinking the basic style of baby and toddler one-piece apparel.

More than ever, conscientious parents are seeking out and purchasing organic clothing that looks and feels great on their children, and is also environmentally-friendly in its processing and packaging. These parents want more than a pretty picture; they want the reality of their present actions to affect their hopes for the future of their children and the earth. Little Lief works in this frame of mind, beautifully creating a natural line of children’s clothing that fully realizes the concerns of eco-minded parents.

Satsuma Designs
Kids in Distressed Situations, Inc. (K.I.D.S)

If you’ve ever bought a t-shirt with an itchy tag or a seam that doesn’t lay flat, it’s easy to imagine what millions of children with Tactile Sensory Disorder experience. Children with the disorder often feel extremely uncomfortable wearing traditional clothing. Itchy fabric, seams, hems, tags and waistbands become especially irritating. The desire to make life more comfortable for these kids has created a niche in the children’s apparel industry. Teres Kids, Soft, Dye-namic Movement Products and Cricket Hosiery are some terrific brands that make outfitting children with Tactile Sensory Disorder their business.

After more than forty years in business, Elegant Baby has become one of the most recognized specialty baby brands. Offering a diverse collection of quality products in a wide range of categories and price points, from apparel, soft goods and accessories to gifts and keepsakes, Elegant Baby has kept up with the changing times in beautiful style! Elegant Baby shows great versatility, but holds true to its brand image and corporate vision, with both loyal retailers and consumers. Here, we get an insider’s look at the birth and growth of the well-known and respected brand.

When it comes to the influential tween market, gift and add-on products that attract “allowance” spending are incredibly important. Studies have shown that from “their own” money, tweens easily spend over 50 billion dollars a year! Tweenagers love to shop, and seek out products that speak their language, stand out, and have the potential to generate peer power. Bottman Design, mishu, Just Bubbly and Bamboo Trading Company are a few tween-worthy brands creating trendy, must-have products that can quickly heat up retail sales!