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Get ready for NY NOW, the Market for Home & Lifestyle, which runs Saturday, August 17, through Wednesday, August 21, 2013, at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and Passenger Ship Terminal Pier 94. Overall, NY NOW, (formerly the New York International Gift Fair), will encompass 100,000 products in 400+ product categories. The event anticipates that 35,000 attendees from all 50 states and more than 80 countries will attend. Our preview of discoveries includes mimish, Wash with Water, Funkins, and Kira.

Bonnet, beanie, fedora or cap, wide brim, no brim, with buttons or flaps; no matter the kind, pattern or color, hats are tops in style. From knit hats that frame newborn faces with personality and whimsy, to bright, colorful cotton sun hats adorned with flowers and ribbons, to fedoras that let big and little kids step out in style, hats are always in fashion. With so many heads big and small that need protection, the business of hats is brimming with great companies like The Blueberry Hill, The Daisy Baby, Hand & Heart, Inc. and Short Hat Company that make it easy for everyone to put a hat on it.

Recently I brought my intern along to a client meeting. When we left, she expressed amazement at the scope of our discussion. “There’s so much to think about,” she said. And, she’s right, it is sometimes staggering to think about what goes into running a successful label. So it’s not surprising when designers become overwhelmed by the many decisions and tasks they must perform each day. Even for seasoned veterans and talented multitaskers, the fact is, you can’t do it alone.

Wiggy Studio / Angel Toes

Whispers of fall are already in the air, with the pressing heat of June and July beginning to give way to August. But while the seasons may be on the verge of change, one thing remains the same: the strong commitment of eco-conscious companies to the stewardship of the planet. Origany, the company that specializes in “Clothing Made Organic by Nature”, is already looking forward to cooler times. Origany is known for the splash it made by partnering with Ovie Mughelli of the Atlanta Falcons to create the Eco-Athlete collection. Now, it’s taking on the slide from summer to fall with the same passion.

The Playtime NY show, which runs from August 3rd to the 5th at a new venue on Wall Street, is an exhibition powerhouse. Playtime NY already has 130 exhibitors geared up to make it one of the best shows ever. This season’s theme is “Playtime Superstars”, and features a panel discussion on social media chaired by Earnshaw’s publisher, Noelle Heffernan, editor-in-chief, Audrey Kingo, and Carla Zanoni, Director of Social Media and Engagement at Show attendees should keep an eye out for on-trend companies that are ahead of the curve, like Boutan Kids, Jammies Prêt-à-Porter, poopsies, and Chat Mechant.

Part of growing up is learning to follow routines and social etiquette. Routines become easy peasy with Easy Daysies magnetic schedules for kids. Calm kids with Kenson Kids charts that reward for work well done. Good manners go a long way, and the Blunders board game teaches kids proper etiquette in social situations. Chores are a great way to prepare children for jobs in the future, and the Chore Chart from Melissa & Doug is just the tool of the trade. Every parent needs a helping hand to prepare their children for the future. Find the right ones here and wait to hear the polite, resounding “thank-yous” from parents and caregivers.

Wee Ones, LLC
Itzy Ritzy

Trends come and go, but one thing remains constant: denim is always in style. While kids’ styles tend to pay homage to adult fashion, children’s denim does have statutes of its own. Whether it’s rolled cuff shorts, cheetah skinny jeans, or stone-washed boyfriend jeans, mobility is key. Adults may wear styles regardless of the comfort, but families shun any brand or style that lacks the utility required from any hard-working children’s garment. Details also matter, from the careful daisy embroidery on the legs to the strength of the copper pocket rivets. Brands like Havoc, Pop Jeans, Pinc Premium, and !iT are right on-trend with must-have styles with the right fit.

Maggie is a puppy with an unusual physical feature: she was born with a set of tiny moose antlers right alongside her soft puppy ears. As the smallest of her litter, Maggie never feels left out; her mom does all she can to make sure that Maggie understands how precious and special she really is. But can her mom’s reassurances sustain her when big changes happen in her life? MaggieMooseTracks: Making Friends is the endearing story of a puppy who finds herself on an unexpected adventure, meeting friends and facing challenges along the way. Like many classic adventure stories for kids, MaggieMooseTracks begins with the main character travelling away from her home and family.

When disposable diapers first arrived on the scene, many parents thought they had hit the jackpot. No mess, no washing, and no hassle. However, it wasn’t long before concerns about disposable diapers began to arise. While disposable diaper companies are making efforts to improve the eco-friendliness of their products and many parents are still loyal users of these major brands, there has been a strong movement back toward cloth diapering in recent years, creating a market opportunity for increased sales of convenient cloth diapers and accessories. For consideration, The Giggle Guide® presents products from Bumkins, Itzy Ritzy, Bummas, and Dimpleskins Naturals.