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American companies seeking to rapidly grow their business have taken aim at extending their brands to markets outside the United States. If foreign markets are on your radar, you should apply for trademark protection in each of the countries where you want your brand to be sold. Below are some thoughts on filing trademark applications in foreign countries, either individually (original trademark applications), or by use of a centralized filing system that piggybacks your U.S. trademark application or registration to foreign countries (Madrid Protocol extensions).

There are magnets just about everywhere in our world, from cabinet latches to cars, computers, can openers and more. They’ve also enjoyed a stint of popularity in bracelets that allegedly relieve minor aches and pains. Now, magnets are being put to another practical use – baby and children’s clothing. Anyone who has ever struggled to line up the snaps an infant’s one-piece sleeper will appreciate the sheer simplicity that magnetic closures can bring. Considering the success of MagnaMini and Magnificent Baby, you can’t help but wonder whether magnets will be the paradigm, and if buttons and snaps will some day be nothing but decorative flourishes.

Children’s books need to have engaging characters, an interesting problem… and the ability to wrap everything up in about 30 pages. Author Boots Hensel, a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, really knows how to weave an enchanting tale. Johari’s Joy will delight children and bring parents back for more. The story focuses on the loneliness of two very different creatures — a black rhino and a pig — and on the universal needs for understanding, friendship, and belonging. It touches on the awareness of each creature as an individual with hopes and dreams.

pediped footwear
Wee Ones, LLC

Natural, organic health and beauty products for kids have gone from a trendy alternative to a staple of the personal care industry. Go into any pharmacy and you’ll likely see a collection of shampoos, conditioners, skin lotions, and more, all touted as having “natural ingredients”. But how often are these products as natural as they claim? A closer look may show that the purity of ingredients in children’s personal care products can vary widely. Dolphin Organics wants to set itself apart from the crowd by being upfront about the ingredients in its products.

When it comes to Christmas holiday books for children, it can seem as though every storyline has been thoroughly explored and that there is nothing new under the tree. It’s a challenge for an author to color outside the lines in order to produce an original story, while at the same time drawing from meaningful elements of traditional Christmas tales. A Christmas Holiday with the Clauses by Cheryl Kelley is a modern take on a holiday fantasy adventure. In it, a young boy goes on an out-of-this-world adventure to the North Pole and finds out that there’s a thin line between reality and imagination.

There are a slew of things that parents worry about when it comes to their kids’ quality of sleep. Noise, bright lights and other sensory interferences are common problems moms and dads usually try to keep to a minimum when the little ones are in bed. But what about the surfaces children sleep on? Studies show that the mattress a child sleeps on can affect sleep more than most parents realize. Enter Naturalmat mattresses, made with optimum health and safety in mind.

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HALO® Innovations

Appreciation for American-made products is all around us. As the economy recovers, more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the benefits of doing business here at home. You can see them at every trade show and market, bringing their innovation and creativity to wholesalers. Retailers are realizing the impact of a “Made in the U.S.A.” stamp. When customers buy American, they can be confident that they’re purchasing a product that is manufactured to high standards in responsibility to the environment, treatment of employees and reliability of delivery. The Giggle Guide® presents another selection of these products, including Raindrops, Tidy Tots Diapers, Pure Play Toys and AXL Brand.

Do your customers think that buying goods made in the U.S.A. is only a slogan? In truth, it means a great deal and here are some solid facts to mention as you proudly display clothes and accessories for kids from Lucy & Leo, Stinky McGee, Cavelle Kids and Stoney Clover Land — all companies that proudly produce their goods in the United States. When goods are made overseas, they often don’t meet strict U.S. standards. Furthermore, workers toiling in poor working conditions may make them. Buying American-made products supports more than just American manufacturers — it also helps support our workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.

Ask any kid what their favorite time of year is, and you will likely hear “summer!” The weather is good, school is out, there are friends to see and family fun to enjoy. Summer’s dress code is mostly casual, but it doesn’t hurt to have some stylish additions for a kid’s warm weather wardrobe. Get ready to take a tour of some of the brands making the coolest summer clothing and accessories for kids, including Flik Flops, Andy & Evan, BSkinz and Koko-Nut Kids. From flashy flip-flops and fashions for little gentlemen to fair trade Batik, the possibilities are as diverse and fun as the sights you’ll see on any summer road trip.