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“Purchases with Purpose” Fundraising Sale

Beginning January 5 pediped® footwear will host a Purchases with Purpose Sale to benefit the pediped foundation™. During the fundraiser which will run through February 5, select styles available on will be marked down as much as 50 percent. Half of the sales from the selected styles will be donated to the pediped foundation™ to help children in need.

Contact: pediped footwear / (702) 567-0311

In a life with kids it follows that there are plenty of bumps and scrapes. The motto of the me4kidz team is “fix it, clean it, back to play,” that aptly describes how their line of first aid kits and products specially designed for the younger set works. According to Safe Kids USA, more than 3.5 million children aged fourteen and younger have sports and recreation-related injuries every year. To cope with these problems, the family-owned company devised the medi-products so that first aid can be given as soon as it’s needed.

When Cause Haun first became a mom, she was dismayed in her search for flexible, stylish shoes for her one-year-old son, Kai. While traveling with her husband Gang Chen in China, Cause spotted urban, flexible children’s’ shoes. These were the type of footwear she had been unsuccessful finding in the States. She purchased several pairs of the shoes to bring back with her, and sold them at consignment shops. The response was incredible; the stores quickly sold out and the owners wanted more. In November 2004, See Kai Run was born in small steps, with a $10,000 investment and a hope for giant strides to come.

Satsuma Designs

Elephants and piggies and lions, oh my! With the intense marketing and popularity of animal-shaped pillows, smaller companies selling plush critters might not get the attention they deserve. What if you could offer your customers an affordable and unique alternative to over-commercialized toys? And what if that offering also happened to help animals everywhere, lining cages instead of just pockets? Tell your customers it is, in fact, hip to be square by offering them Zooklz, the square animals with attitude.

It’s that time of the year when we all feel the philanthropist in us calling to help others in need. During these tough economic times it is not difficult to find worthy targets for our generous hearts. Most people donate cash, food or even their time to help those in need. We want to do these charitable labors and that’s awesome! Some feel it’s not sincere if our efforts are reciprocal, meaning both sides receive something, but that’s not necessarily true. There are many instances where giving can give back and everybody benefits.

Whether it’s donating our time, treasure or talents to help the needy, ‘tis the season to give as generously as possible. Kids also want to help, but it has been difficult for many charities and aid organizations to properly connect and communicate with children to let them know what they can do. Children need to be empowered with the virtues of charity at a level they can understand and contribute what they can. Karito Kids (“Karito” means “loving one’s neighbor” in Esperanto) has created a way for children to help others when buying their dolls and storybooks.

Bibi & Mimi
Little Things Mean A Lot

Businesses that donate to humanitarian causes are often known for “doing the work of the angels.” But the enigmatic power of angels lays not so much in their ability to show up just when they are needed, but that they represent the grace from a higher power. It is the strong helping the weak and downtrodden that is so appealing in the works of the angels as well as business owners, including Jennifer Rountree of You Are Good, who are making their mark by reaching out to those in need.

It’s not just tree huggers that want innovative organic gifts for new “little monkeys”. So, why not offer one from the expert? Soft organic crib bedding and accessories from Janey Baby by Jane Goodall™ offer a reminder of what it’s like to get back to nature. Janey Baby by Jane Goodall debuted in October and features a crib mattress pad, sheets, receiving blankets, bibs and contoured changing-table covers. The products feature whimsical drawings of endangered species discussed in Dr. Goodall’s book, Hope for Animals and Their World.

There’s a reason they don’t say “necessity is the father of invention.” Many mothers have started in the children’s business by solving a real-life problem. Sharon Oved is a good example of a mompreneurial success story. After getting pregnant with her first child, Sharon found out her own mother had breast cancer and vowed to breastfeed for a year. It wasn’t easy, though. Trying to gracefully exit a room to nurse privately meant Sharon was missing special occasions. (At that time, breastfeeding coverups had not become a saturated product category.) One desperate night she took an old sheet and used it as a cover-up, allowing her to nurse “privately in public.”

New Mimicking Monkey. Soothing for All Seasons!

Reports of childhood bullying are in the headlines. Kids pick on others because they don’t act the same or have some distinguishing feature or attribute that singles them out as different. Children want to be like their contemporaries and, when someone isn’t, the temptation to bully often rises. Advocate against intolerance and give customers a way to do the same with Just Like You, a story that aims to explain what being “different” is about to young children. Stock this informative, easy to understand book and help everyone spread the word that we are each valuable in our own, particular way.

For any parent who has exclaimed, “How does so much come out when so little goes in?” there’s a way to make diapering slightly more cheerful. While it won’t make baby poo smell like roses, flowers can still be part of this dirty job with handmade baby wipe containers from Made by Angie. Angie created her company when she found she was bored with staring at the same old wipe container every day. Craving color and funky fabrics, she began to experiment with making these diapering accessories a little more fun!