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We’re happy to announce that our coveted bamboo velour throw blanket - 58”x48” is back IN STOCK! Our adult sized bamboo velour throw blanket is two layers of eco-luxurious warmth. Great for the nursery or anywhere in the home, this best seller is the result of customers asking ‘do you make one in my size?!’ Yes, we do! Bamboo velour/organic cotton. 48”X58”. Wash gently in cold, line dry. Made in USA of imported material.

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There are so many ways to spruce up baby’s nursery or any room sustainably. A new room update doesn’t require spending a dime if you gather up a few eco-chic tips!

An easy and natural way to create atmosphere in any room is through scent. Consider the delight from delicious kitchen aromas or the smell of a bubble bath. At the May 1st Eco-Chic Expo in Seattle, exhibitor Satsuma Designs will help guests create these scents to turn each day into a springtime stroll. Here’s a little recipe they’ve cooked up.

Sweet Smells from Satsuma Designs - Natural Room Scents

Advise Retailers On How To Take Their Business To The Next Level

LOS ANGELES, CA (April 29, 2010) – The California Gift Show® announced today that Gordon Segal, chairman and co-founder of Crate and Barrel will present the keynote presentation, “It All Begins With The Merchandise,” at the July Market, from 11 AM – 12 Noon on Friday, July 16, 2010.

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TV moms, with their perfect hair, flawless makeup, and seemingly endless free time, make motherhood look like a walk in the park. Of course, in real life, new moms find out all too quickly that the reality of motherhood can be quite different. Thank goodness for Mother’s Day! It affords a fantastic marketing opportunity for retailers to suggest products to pamper moms of all ages. A Mommy Comfort Pack from Mambino Organics, some bubble bath from little twig, an ultra-absorbent bath towel from Bamboo Moon and a luxurious American Terry Company robe can combine to create a relaxing, well-deserved and memorable experience for Mom.

Put the lime in the cocoa-nut! We’re so excited to share these organically grown bamboo and organic cotton bambeanie style hats in lime and cocoa. The lime sports an adorable stem and leaves detail and the cocoa hat is topped with our classic chocolate ticking ribbon. This full coverage, all season organic bamboo velour hat with wide band is lined in silky organic bamboo jersey. Choose lime or cocoa below. For babies 0-12 months. Wash gently in cold, line dry. Made in USA of imported materials.

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For centuries parents of small children have noticed a strange phenomenon… kids seem to grow bigger overnight! As children sprout skyward, they love to see their growth spurts commemorated on a chart. Many parents measure the growth of their children by making marks on a wall. But what about parents who don’t want to mark up their walls, or the inevitable move that leaves the inching-up record behind? BeanSprouts, a manufacturer of personalized growth charts, has the perfect solution!

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Nomie baby

Soft and silky; perfectly plush! This describes our two-ply organic bamboo velour and bamboo jersey baby blanket. This satin-trimmed mid-weight blanket is the perfect all-season, all-weather solution to keeping baby cozy. Choose from lime, cocoa or natural bamboo velour paired with natural colored bamboo jersey that’s softer than the softest pima cotton. Great all season nursery, travel and play blanket for babies and toddlers. Organic bamboo velour (70/28/2 bamboo viscose/org cotton/poly) with organic bamboo jersey (100 org bamboo viscose). 31”X31”. Wash gently in cold, line dry.

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Paying tribute to the good ole’ United States of America is important to many consumers, which makes it equally important for many retailers and designers. The following companies are proud to manufacture their clothing lines in the United States. Committed to helping the economy by employing locally, rather than outsourcing, and using top-quality and eco-friendly materials, Nay et al, Kandle Kidswear and Tralala are dedicated to providing the best and most fashionable children’s clothing.

Happy Heineys Celebrates Earth Day with Reusable Diapers

Happy Earth Day! Today is the best day to share some photos of some celebrity babies who are going green, with a little help from mom and dad of course. Happy Heiney’s, a reusable diaper company, is forever working to inform new parents just how easy Happy Heineys reusable diapers are and one of the easiest ways for them to do so is to show off some adorable picture of some of their favorite celebrity tots. Several of these moms have clearly stated that “If I can do it anyone can do it!” There just is no excuse anymore for not using reusable diapers.

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Did I mention I don’t really miss the end of my pinkie that my Dad nicked off while clipping my nails as an infant? Oh, no, I didn’t? That’s because I DO MISS IT!

Satsuma Designs has an organic and affordable solution to the anger, guilt (Dad?) and anxiety that clipping baby’s nails can evoke. Check out our brand spanking (no necessary) new Organic Bamboo Baby Scratch Mittens ($8/pair). These little gems fashioned with an adorable gros grain ribbon tab for easy on/off will keep baby’s gnarly nails from inflicting permanent damage on that soft, fragile little skin.

Research indicates that babies who are carried cry less, which is only one of the benefits that have made baby wearing a popular way to comfort, cuddle, and bond with a little one. Baby is kept safely close and snuggled, while parents enjoy both a content infant and hands-free convenience. There are many styles of babywearing carriers on the market, available in a wide variety of fashions, functions and price points, including these popular choices from Wrap n’ Wear, Rockin’ Baby Sling, Kemby, The Hippie, The Peanut Shell, Sakura Bloom, Baby K’tan, Beco Baby Carrier and kokopax.

Dr. Seuss knew what he was talking about when he wrote Green Eggs and Ham! The daily battle between parents and children over vegetable consumption is a familiar one with a long history. Nutrition experts say that it is important for kids to eat a full spectrum of at least 5 servings of fruits and veggies per day, but it can be tricky and tiring to get kids to open wide for those peas and brussel sprouts. Kidz SuperFood by Amazing Grass provides a simple and delicious way to get even the pickiest eaters to enjoy fruits and veggies.