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Bebe Bella designs honestly claims all of the companies merchandise is made in the U.S.A…to get even more specific they are based right here, out of our very own Minnesota! Being a Woman owned and run Minnesotan based company is a statement not many businesses can make. It is also something our founder and entrepreneur Melissa Sachse prides her business as being.

It’s here!
The 2009 Southern Living Idea House with my Mod Owls.
Located in Port Aransas Texas/ Cinnamon Shore.
If you get a copy delivered to your home, then you must already have it.
If not, head over to your local drug store and pick up a copy….or at least go check it out.
Thanks for looking…I’m off to buy 10 copies.
Have a great evening! Marnie V.

Just back from a great weekend in Atlanta – and almost ready to get back to work….

I just got a really nice thank-you email from Larry Birkhead with these sweet pictures of Dannielynn. She’s wearing the new No Slippy Hair Clippy® bows we sent her last month; he says they’re ideal for a single father who has no idea what to do with a little girl’s hair. I must disagree. I think he’s doing a great job – she always looks adorable!

Baby Banz Inc.

Hello everyone. I’ve had quite an interesting last couple of weeks…mainly why I haven’t been on this blog. My computer has had a virus and still does…and I’m still trying to get it fixed. I’ve been working off a laptop and my husband’s computer, but since everything is mainly linked to mine, I’ve been unable to even load new art on my Etsy shop and my main site. I am so frustrated…I can’t even tell you. I am also sorry to those who I haven’t e-mailed back, because it was my business e-mail that got attacked by a nasty virus. I will get back to you and hopefully soon.

This year’s Golden Globes were as always, a star studded occasion worthy of only the very biggest names in the industry. One of the very special events prefacing the big night was, The Boom Boom Room’s Pre-Golden Globe Awards Baby and Kid Wonderland Villa. All manner of celebs flocked to be a part of this wonderful opportunity to get their hands on some of the very best baby and children’s products on the market today.

Spit-up on a clean crisp white blouse? You are dropping your child off at daycare while hurrying to get to a meeting at work and now your outfit went from polished and put together to dirty and sloppy. What’s a parent to do in a situation like this?

Teeny Tiny Optics

It is nothing new to hear about how bad excess T.V. watching is for children. Kids who watch a ton of television are more likely to be overweight than children who get outside and play. Also attention spans have proved to be shorter in those kids who are exposed to prolonged T.V viewing. Not to mention that there are so many more productive activities that a child could be engaging in other than zoning out in front of a television set.

Why is it so frustrating, and hard to find a rep?”

Manufacturers have asked me this question when they want me to look over their product lines. No such a good way to start a positive relationship, sharing that other reps do not want to work with you!

Reps who have been in business for many years, and in most cases carry well over 45 lines, have shared with me that they now most likely not take smaller brands that are unproven and unknown. They do not want the product to get lost among the “Well Branded,” “Better Known” lines in their showrooms.

In a recent post on July 1, 2009, Bebe Bella Designs has been privileged to be featured in a blog on the CuteKid’s website. Throughout this article, they have included a variety of the outfits and accessories that have been very popular with the public. Our clothes are made with simple elegance in mind and are always very fashion forward. We are excited to see that others have been enjoying the products as much as we have and are looking forward to making more comfortable clothes for babies and parents alike.