Chatterbox: Blog Central

(With all due respect to Robert Smith of The Cure)

I must confess – I’ve been feeling so guilty for not telling you about my other fabulous cat! Way back when I started this blog, I introduced Bradley - the fluffy, adorable simpleton who spends a lot of time sprawled on my stairs or under my desk. Well, I want you to meet her housemate Janet – who is just the opposite.

Welcome to July folks! This month brings the birth of our independent nation, stunning fireworks displays, yummy barbeque’s and a whole lot of time outdoors. While enjoying all that blessed fresh air, there are two things you should try and remember:

  • Do not forget to slather on the sunscreen (liberally)
  • Accesorize with NSHC patriotic bows!

These clips are just too perfect for Independence Day and I recommend them for any little girls 4th of July weekend outfits.

I have had the recent pleasure of coming across a special little store. Upon entering their Web site you are instantly aware that you are about to venture where only the cutest, sweetest baby things are.. pictures of little angels in leopard leotards and flapper style hats let you know that you are in for a unique experience. This is not your average Baby Boutique. In fact this is Brea’s Baby Boutique, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Satsuma Designs
ABC Spring Educational Conference & Trade Show

Over the last decade or so, I have noticed a very discernible pattern. It seems that our primary target demographic, moms, has embraced technology with a fervor, becoming one of the most prolific and powerful groups on the Internet…yet those of us on the ‘commerce’ side, (retailers and vendors), have for the most part seriously lagged behind. Before we can move forward, we must understand where we’ve been, and why we were there.

Hello everyone…I just received an e-mail from Southern Living magazine that the video is up for the 2009 Idea House in Port Aransas,Texas. They included some of my art for the children’s upstaris bedroom. They only show the Mod Owls in the room, but they did put some others in there as well. You’ll have to pick up the August issue to see the rest. I’m so excited and honored to be chosen as one of the many artists throughout the house. Click on the link below to watch the video…and my art is shown around the 2-minute mark. Thanks for looking..Smile

I spent this past weekend with my family and while I intended to write a blog about networking, it never happened. Instead, as the weekend progressed, I thought a lot about the funny things my family says that have turned into our own personal catch phrases. I thought I’d share some of our family favorites with you today.

Mom: “I’m a little chilly.” (usually said when everyone else is sweating bullets)

Dad: “What?” (whenever anyone tells a joke related to being hard of hearing, which he is)

All Baby & Child, Inc. (ABC Kids Expo)
Baby Banz Inc.

Check out my bright new art that’s available in the shop and to stores nationwide. For info on these new pieces please contact me.
or go to my site to see.

My business is pretty “young”. We were born about a year and a half ago. I participated in local craft shows but felt like I needed to get out there more. A year after my first market I am so proud to work with the customers I have. I used to make everything myself and now I have very talented seamstresses on my team. Everyday I feel blessed to be doing what I enjoy and growing as I do it. I still do customers orders and welcome requests for unique items in unique stores.

In this month’s issue of Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine, No Slippy’s Leah Frayed Flower Clip is featured. It is a wonderfully sunny clip that is perfect for spring and summer and easily warms up any babies outfit.