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Just like everyone else in this crazy economy, I also did a little cutting back this year with things concerning my business. In Dallas, I cut my showroom space in half to save on half the rent and it was honestly for the better. I think because now when people walk up the art is right there in front of them, where as before they had to come in and look to the sides. so, I’m actually getting more exposure…which I love.

My new name banners are so sweet and the perfect addition to a child’s room.

The front man of popular rock bands Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell, is one of the biggest stars that rock and roll has ever seen. He boasts an impressive four octave vocal range, (which is pretty cool in case you didn’t know) and a charisma and presence that can not easily be duplicated.

These days he is doing solo projects, his most recent album is Scream, and working on his most important venture of all, his family. Chris is married to a beautiful publicist, Vicky Karayiannis, with whom he has 2 children, Toni and Christopher Nicholas.

These are some photos that were taken recently by my friend Jason Munford.

Playtime New York

When you were growing up, did your mom ever tell you she hoped you had a kid just like you? My mom used to say it all the time. She also said that she would raise 10 boys before raising another girl. Hum… so hard to believe. Even though my kids have fur, I still ended up with 2 that are just like me.

Who doesn’t love Jessica Alba? She is beautiful, sweet, funny, obviously talented and now… she is a new Mommy! So we are thrilled that has posted pictures of her 3, count ‘em 3, different times with her daughter Honor Marie Warren wearing No Slippy accessories.

Also courtesy of, we have an adorable shot of Danneilynn Birkhead celebrating birthday #2 at Disneyland! Look how enamored she is of Snow White. awww Personally, I like Danneilynn’s bow better… sorry Snow White, but don’t worry, you are still the second fairest of them all. Smile

Quick review: I stayed at a long-time friend’s house in LA this past Sunday, a house that just happened to be Ozzie & Harriet’s back in the day. (Rumor has it that Ozzie haunts the place – he died there.) I spent the night in Ricky Nelson’s old bedroom and the next morning, I could not find my phone. Of course, I’d turned it off to sleep, so I couldn’t call it and follow the ring. I tore the place apart, went through all my bags, told my friend, she searched with me – all to no avail.

pediped footwear
Little Things Mean A Lot

Finding a sales rep—the right rep—isn’t easy. Here are a few suggestions to help make your search a success.

Online resources in your industry are a great way to find reps. In the kid’s industry, the following websites are terrific resources that give vital information about regional sales reps including contact information, the territory that they cover, trade shows that they attend and other lines that they represent:

As many pregnant woman know, you are exhausted during your first trimester of the pregnancy. I read about this in a book prior to getting pregnant and thought … that won’t happen to me. I’m pretty active and I hate taking naps. I was totally wrong. I’m lucky if I can make it through dinner some nights without falling asleep at the dinner table. It’s a good thing the chairs aren’t too comfortable. So I’ve done a better job of getting ready for bed earlier. I am also very lucky to have a flexible job, so if I over sleep, it’s okay if I am a little late to work.

Our very own President and CEO, Annie Salyer, had the privilege of meeting and spending a bit of time with the beautiful Oscar nominated actress, Angela Bassett! What’s Love Got to Do with it and Waiting to Exhale were such great movies, I spent the entire duration of both films eyes glued to the screen, box of tissues in hand… I know I am a sap, but completely off point. Smile Annie had this to say about the Hollywood heavyweight: