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I’m going to tell you flat out that if you’ve designed a tee shirt line and have a collection of 6 or 8 tees that have done pretty well when you’ve sold them at your local Mom2Mom or craft show, you’re not ready for a rep—yet. How can you get your line ready for a rep, and the increased sales that go hand in hand?

Just because my kids have fur, doesn’t mean you sleep through the night. Here is how my sleep went the other night. I usually am in bed at a normal hour, somewhere around 11pm. I start out by positioning Gladys on one side of the bed and Taz on the other. I do this because they have been known to battle. It was YEARS before they would even be on the same bed together. I have a king size bed so you would think that would be enough room for two cats and me, but it seem I am the one who ends up in a tiny ball with no space. You will notice in the picture, the pillow pile.

It’s a gorgeous day here in Nashville – sun shining, birds chirping, breezes wafting - all the windows in the office open. My cat Bradley is lounging around on the stairs, upside down as usual.

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You had a great idea to design and manufacture a line. You’ve sold it to a few stores in your neck of the woods. You’ve even gone to a few regional trade shows, or retail expos, and your line sold pretty well, so you forge ahead with plans to expand.

And now you can hardly keep up… Stores are calling you for re-orders but you’re on the other line and miss the call. You’re so busy dealing with supply, manufacturing and design details, you don’t have time to promote and sell your line anymore, much less follow-up with existing accounts.

Most people have never lived with a cat. I always hear how aloof they are. You can say that, until you meet our crew. They think they are people. They sure know how to work us. Smile Most of the times they are right there with you. If not, they come when you call them. Pete has to see you. She is deaf. We have rules, at least in our presence, they obey. This is part of the ongoing debate about what is “good” behavior.

Last week my husband and I went in for our dating ultrasound. During the ultrasound, they measure the amniotic sac and the baby to verify how far along you are and give you a precise due date. They prefer not to go just by the last menstrual period date. Also no one really knows when you ovulated, so it gives the doctors an accurate time frame. The technician that did the ultrasound also explained how important the date is, because most women need some medical treatment or testing through their pregnancy. The doctor wants to make sure they are not doing it too early or too late.

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Let me set the stage for the theme on my blog. James and I have had endless conversations on what is considered “good” behavior with our children. If you have never had a pet, not just an animal you have around the house, then you don’t fully understand the similarities between the two. Hopefully I can explain.

A good day is when you laugh. Several times a day, if possible. Or at least a hearty giggle. Since our business is everything to do with children, The Giggle Guide™ wants to start sharing how funny kids are. Children bring joy, laughter and an oftentimes hysterical view of life. Let’s celebrate their sense of humor.

How has a child made you laugh, smile, or giggle today? E-mail your real-life laughs to . I want to start a regular “Giggle of the Day” column!

A giggle from my past, to get started:

I had to post this picture today courtesy of Jason Munford. It’s of my son Ryan #11 scoring a touchdown, but it’s the ref that makes the picture. The opponent missed the tackle, rolled, and the ref had to jump….so cool. And great job Ryan…you truly are a stud!
I’m still working on this big custom safari themed order which I’m hoping to post some pictures of tomorrow…so please check back. Have a great day- Marnie V.