Becoming an Industry Leader: Annie Salyer and No Slippy Hair Clippy

No Slippy Hair Clippy CEO and co-founder, Annie Salyer, is a leader in the girls’ hair accessories market, with her eyes focused on global expansion. But the energetic exec still has a strong sense of what made the company tops with customers. Salyer recently answered a few questions about No Slippy’s brand recognition in the marketplace, plus she gave The Giggle Guide® a preview of some of the newest, exciting designs.

How has No Slippy Hair Clippy become a leader in the industry?

Being the first no-slip hair clip and hair accessory in the world is pretty darn cool, and sets us apart from other hair accessories companies. Staying true to our brand shows leadership, especially with all the changes over the past 5 years, including CPSIA laws, and the economic downturn. We have stayed true by being made in the USA and not manufacturing in Mexico or China, though the thought did cross our minds. We found that quality and reliability are not as good abroad, and we could not afford to lose our quality. After all, Swiss velvet lined hair clips are exquisite and luxurious, and no other product can compare.

Sure, there are hair clips that claim ‘no-slip’, but they’re not soft and comfortable, and hurt if pulled or tugged. In addition, there are much larger companies recently getting on board with ‘no-slip’ hair clips, so we know we’ve lead the entire category in a direction, and that’s the definition of leadership.

What decisions really helped your brand rise above the competition?

Again, staying true to our brand, and not selling out by manufacturing in China or Mexico. It’s important to know where the brand stands, and keep our brand integrity. We have had to make some decisions that are difficult. We’ve managed to stay profitable — still hand-made in the USA –– and we are continuing to grow. Another key decision was to go outside the U.S. and seek new markets.

Was there a challenge you needed to overcome?

There are always challenges, but one of the biggest challenges was losing so many stores after the downturn. Honestly, there was a period when we saw retailers go out of business every week. We’re certainly glad that is mostly over, and we’re beginning to see new stores opening again.

Another challenge is companies copying us, saying they are ‘no-slip’ like it’s a brand new concept. And then there are a blue million websites selling hair accessories. Look on Etsy and Amazon; it’s pretty alarming how many shops are making hair accessories, and most don’t carry a business license or liability insurance. The Internet has leveled the playing field –– and has cluttered our category. So it’s even more important to know who you are as a brand, so you’re more able to stand out and not blend in.

Going forward, how will you position the company?

Though we are a better boutique brand, we realize we have a global following. Tapping into the global market is keeping us growing, both in the U.S. and around the world. Designing fun and fresh products, and not selling out on quality is keeping retailers loyal to our brand. We are and will continue to be second to none in customer service and satisfaction both at the wholesale and consumer level. No Slippy Hair Clippy is a specialty store brand, selling to better stores worldwide, and to consumers who only want the best for their little girls.

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