Feature Articles: Road To Success

From big idea to multinational sensation, Cloud B is focused on its mission of “helping children sleep.” Beginning as a joint business venture, Cloud B has evolved into a worldwide company with a desire to better the planet and fill a void in the children’s market. Many know of Cloud B’s Sleep Sheep and Twilight Turtle products which have calmed countless children to sleep. Now, join us for a behind-the-scenes look at how Cloud B began, how it stays true to its business vision, and how it’s floating on “cloud 9” due to the humanitarian and environmental efforts made possible by its success.

At The Giggle Guide™, our “Road to Success” series shares the interesting paths leaders in the children’s industry have taken that have guided and influenced their businesses. We recently heard about the journey of Pat Martinek, founder of Martinek BéBé. We’ve all heard about “Renaissance men,” but nothing about “Renaissance women.” Pat is a true Renaissance woman. She is known for her award-winning furniture products — round & rectangular cribs, hand-forged cradles, armoires, toy chests and other baby-oriented furniture — plus innovative, elegantly designed store fixtures.

How did diaper rash lead to the creation of BabyLegs? The Giggle Guide’s™ second story in its “Road To Success” series takes a look at Nicole Donnelly as she went from the slopes to the boardroom and gained international recognition for her brand of baby leggings. The award-winning collection of BabyLegs are now popular for babies and tweens. They are as fun and fashionable as they are warm and crazily cozy. Nicole’s success story gives us hope. Who can make their dreams come true with the next great idea?

Gabby Caperon’s personal journey is one of hope, adventure, love, ambition and surprises. Along the way, she created Beco Baby Carriers. She turned $5 into more than a million! The Giggle Guide™ is pleased to spotlight Gabby’s success story as our first profile in our “Road To Success” series. Hope. Love. Success. Isn’t that what our children’s business is all about?