The Gen Y Mom

Seventy-five percent of new moms are between the ages 20-34. Statics show more and more woman are waiting until they are in their mid 30’s to start families; despite this trend, the majority of new moms are 20-34 years old. This demographic
cohort is known as “Generation Y”. Retailers of juvenile products should become familiar with this demographic, because it makes up three-quarters of your customer base.

For decades the retail world has focused its attention on marketing to the Baby Boomer demographic. This generation paved the way for buying habits across the US. New statistics show that in as early as 2017, just five years from now, the largest buying group across all industries will shift from Baby Boomers to Gen Y. Lucky for the baby industry, we are in the prime birthing years for this generation and have a chance to maximize on this market for the next 15-20 years!

The best thing you can do as a retailer is get educated on the Gen Y demographic and cater your store’s product lines to attract these buyers. Once you have one loyal buyer they will tell all their friends, well maybe not tell…they may text, tweet, Facebook post or blog about their experience and new products creating a loyal community of Gen Y moms for your store. This “community” is important because Gen Y buyers are a very social group. They rely heavily on their friend’s opinions, mommy bloggers and the most talked about items on the market. This doesn’t mean all the products you sell have to have been highlighted on the Today Show, it just means if a Gen Y mom hasn’t heard about the product they need someone in your store to educate them about the it.

It’s important to remember this buying group doesn’t have to have heard about a product from a friend to buy it, they just need someone to sell them on the idea! Unlike the baby boomer this generation listens to and believes perfect strangers on products to purchase. They Google everything and if the information is found on the first three to five links regardless of its accuracy they believe it to be true! This buying behavior coupled with your vibrant and educated sales staff can lead to great sales for you.

Gen Y moms are definitely different from any grouping of moms thus far. They want to be great mothers, but they also want to retain their individuality and not have the role of “mommy” define them. As much as they hate to admit it, they tend to spend more on products that aren’t only good for their baby but products that benefit themselves, too! With the mindset of instant gratification, entitlement and dependency on technology this group of new moms wants the products that make the normal obstacles of motherhood easier for them personally. A retailer put it to me bluntly one day and said, “Katie, mothers are no longer stopping their lives to have children, they are simply bringing children into their already busy lives.” This mentality has helped grow and support the travel and gear manufacturers and has shaped many of the products on the market today.

Many of the facts and statics you read about in this article are researched from the sources listed below. I don’t have all the answers for you or all the product lines you should be considering, but due to my personal fascination with this subject, and a proud Gen Y’er myself, I think you would be well served to focus on the Generation Y demographic.

Jason Dorsey “The Gen Y Guy”