Frostbite? Not Here!

Keeping your head, hands, feet and neck warm during the cold winter, especially here in Minnesota, is something we all know is imperative to enjoying the long winter months. Trying to take an infant or toddler out in the middle of winter can be a challenge, but if you have the right gear and comfortable accessories, it can be a great time. With Bebe Bella’s soft and warm hats, mittens, scarves and booties, we can make those winter months bearable.

A major concern during the winter months is frostbite and skin exposure during these cold times. Frostbite can happen very quickly when you are in conditions that are below freezing, which happens quite often in the upper Midwest. But when you are forced to live in bitter cold 3-4 months out of the year, there are times when venturing out into the outdoors is a necessity. By wearing thick and warm, yet comfortable clothes, you can avoid the dangers of winter. Bebe Bella Design works hard at making great clothes and accessories such as hats, mittens, and scarves for adults and children that will be durable in any climate and condition.

Bebe Bella Designs is on the cutting edge with baby clothing and accessories. With special products that are handcrafted right here in the Unites States, we are able to satisfy your child’s needs for soft, cuddly, and warm clothing. However, this does not mean children are the only ones who will enjoy our products. Parents will love the durable, functional and stylish colors and designs that make up Bebe Bella’s unique line of outerwear.

Our mittens and booties are made out of the same material as the hats and scarves. This material will hopefully give the child a sense of security when placing them on their hands and feet. One goal of making the hats, mittens, scarves and booties was to utilize the same material as Bebe Bella’s blankets and blankees. By making these materials feel soft like the materials on their blankets, your child will be more likely to keep them on and stay warm during the cold winters.