Talk is cheap, and so is summer fun!

With August fast approaching us, you start to think, “Where did July go?” Or more so, “Where did summer go?” We tend to be so wrapped up in work, family, our children’s events and finding time for ourselves in the mix of it all that time flies by us. But there is still plenty of time left in August to get in fun, cheap activities you haven’t done yet this summer while still enjoying the sun and warm weather.

It’s so important for everyone to stay healthy by not only eating the right foods, but also by getting the proper amount of exercise. By bringing the family to the playground, taking the kids for walks, or even getting out for an evening walk alone, you can start on your road to a healthier you! By bringing the kids to a local playground, they can release some energy they have built up inside them and get the exercise they need, all while having a great time playing with other kids or entertaining themselves.

One attraction that comes around once a year that everyone looks forward to is the state and county fairs. These can be great exercise due to all the walking and relatively inexpensive if you spend your money wisely. The state and county fairs usually cover a large amount of land, with plenty of different and interesting attractions to view. You can get in great exercise, while having a blast. One thing to pay attention too, is that even though you are getting in a great deal of walking, it’s important to watch what you are eating there. Fairs don’t always tend to have the healthiest food available, or the cheapest either, but by being aware of what you are putting in your body, you can eat healthy, get great exercise, and enjoy relatively inexpensive fun with the whole family!

Summer always seems to be a great time for family, barbecues and sprinklers. Barbecues on a warm, sunny, summer day can be the perfect way to begin or end your weekend. They are a great way to get family and friends together for a good, fun time. You can even bring the kids and set up the sprinklers so they can run around with other kids and enjoy the good food, good company and the great day!

Although it is important to get outside and get fresh air and exercise, it’s more important to be aware of the risks that come with summer fun. Enjoying the sun is something everyone loves to do in the summer, who wouldn’t enjoy the warm weather and sun warming them up after the long cold months of winter and raining months of spring? But it’s important to remember one important thing, sunscreen! Sunscreen not only protects your skin from the inconveniences of sunburns but also ultraviolet rays (UV Rays), and can prevent your skin from future sun damage and skin cancer.

Yes, August is almost here, but there is still a lot left in summer to enjoy; barbecues, state fairs, parks, playgrounds, sprinklers and the sun! So get out there and get some exercise, eat healthy while doing your activities, and have some fun! But also, protect your skin now and in the future and remember the sunscreen!