It’s Good to Know… KidShow’s Denise Raeside!

Denise Raeside? No, it's her award-winning twin! Denise is too elusive for the paparazzi.

Hear this famous show tune playing in your head and karaoke with me:

There’s no business like KidShow business, like no business I know … Everything about KidShow is appealing! Everything that traffic will allow! Nowhere can buyers get that special feeling as they are “stealing” that extra bow (or dress, romper, shoes, swimwear et al)” Hear the big cresendo coming louder!?

Let’s get… on… with… the… KidShow!” — Coming to Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. August 16 -18, 2010.

There’s No Business Like KidShow Business, I Know!

Even if you can’t name that tune or forget the lyrics, I know I’m not doing a solo when it comes to singing the praises of Denise Raeside, Manager of KidShow Las Vegas! She’s the real deal, a brassy broad with a brain and a heart of platinum that gets right down to business in organizing, promoting, selling, and overseeing every note, great and small, making sure it all works harmoniously by show time, to ensure a great experience for her “audience” - buyers, exhibitors, manufacgturers, designers and sales reps.

Caesars Palace - August 16 - 18, 2010

Denise is the comforting den mother of KidShow. Tough and determined when she needs to be (for the good of the Kids!), but understanding, comforting and caring in building and nurturing genuine one-on-one relationships with “her” exhibitors and buyers. She controls the day-by-day KidShow action with a strong head and iron fist when necessary. But her strength also comes from her soul, as she easily expresses all the joy of a doting aunt when she hears good news from buyers and vendors alike. She cares. She celebrates and really goes out of her way to facilitate the success of others. Denise Raeside has all the skills and personality traits needed to be the best-of-show managers.

Her easy-does-it style and smile at showtime are backed by years of experience in selling and managing children’s trade events, from Specialty Trade Show’s bi-annual KidShow Vegas, which commemorates its seventh anniversary in 2010, to past successes with Advanstar and even the Larkin Group’s IKFS shows which ruled prior to ENK. Plus, she has worked as a children’s sales rep and been around the kid biz long enough to, like me, have both the hindsight of “remember when” and clearer vision of good things to come. Once I renewed my contact with Denise through KidShow, we gradually realized our career paths have crossed several times with accounts and memories we shared in common.

Denise Raeside Puts on Great KidsShows in Vegas

Once you are on Denise Raeside’s side, you stand stronger forever. She is loyal, encouraging, appreciative and dedicated to all the benefits that teamwork can achieve in the children’s business. If you have already attended KidShow, you know what I mean. If you are thinking about attending KidShow in August, book now! You can trust Denise. She will tell you what you can expect as an exhibitor and as a buyer. She is working 12-hour-plus days to prepare for August’s show. She is motivated by a personal commitment to help those that support KidShow succeed. This event supports exhibitors with promotional materials, including valuable mailing lists, before and long after the show. They put a lot into the show so that buyers and vendors get a lot out of it, and keep coming back for the show business!

Might as Well Be the Only Show in Town - August 16 - 18, 2010

I am proud of the accomplishments of Denise Raeside and her team that has raised the KidShow from the windy tent days at the Rio, through its “seedy” growth during the Riviera era, to the comfort and efficiency of the Bally’s venue and to this coming August’s sizzling show at Caesars Palace. When KidShow first started I spent much time educating buyers and manufacturers that asked me about the difference between KidShow and MAGICKids in Las Vegas. Now, KidShow is approaching its tween years, but it has earned its status as the smart choice for children’s retailers. MAGICKIds has announced that it will not have a separate Kids section at August’s MAGIC, but rather the children’s brands will be scattered around its many “lands.” Sounds like a scavenger hunt to me! KidShow is the real find, a no longer buried treasure that showcases a level playing field of brands. It’s easy to navigate, meet, greet and buy from top brands as well as new collections. KidShow is a welcoming venue that enables everyone to get to know each other better. Plus, KidShow is famous for its free breakfast, lunch and coffee breaks!

Get to know Denise. I know that KidShow is now the “only show in town” for children’s specialty retailers as well as department stores, chains and Internet stores. The news about KidShow is spreading too, as more international buyers attended the shows this year than ever before.

There’s no business like KidShow business. And Denise Raeside knows the business, like nobody I know. I hope to see you at Caesar’s!

To get in on the Vegas action at KidShow, contact Desnise Raeside, (973) 340-0256,

David Gaunt
Editorial Director
The Giggle Guide

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