It’s Good to Know … My NapPak’s Beth Clampitt

Beth Clampitt

Beth Clampitt from Dallas is nothing like the Clampetts on the TV classic who struck oil, black gold, and headed to the Hills of Beverly. But she does enjoy a “rich” life and business, blessed by sons, friends, ideal business partners and a lot of very satisfied retailers and cozy napping children! Since 2001, Beth has been president of My NapPak, which designs and markets toteable, all-in-one pillow, comforter and attached fleece blanket for kids who take naps.

I met Beth shortly after she started marketing her business on a national level. We’ve partied and celebrated with the best of them at JPMA and ABC Shows in Orlando and Las Vegas, brainstormed about the juvenile industry and marketing, supported, praised and give testimony to each other’s talents, and listened to each other’s tales of trials and triumphs!

Beth’s positive energy is infectious. Her open, outgoing, gregarious and nurturing nature draw fans and favors to her like honey. Her down-to-earth, real-woman vibe, matched by a keen sense of business and humor have helped her form bonds with her retailers, as well as other mompreneurs. She is very willing to help others starting out in businees and point them in the right direction, or to add a word of encouragement. She is so much fun to be around, and always has a remarkable tale to tell, which usually has something to do with the pride she shines for her two sons, or the fun adventures she either just had or is planning to enjoy.

Early on, I learned that Beth really loves NASCAR. Which fits perfectly, as she is always racing around multi-tasking, all revved up to get jobs done. She’s in the driver’s seat as business woman, designer, marketer, power seller and single mother to Preston (19, and studying to be a pilot) and Cullum (11, who was the original inspiration for the My NapPak invention). It’s ironic that Beth’s business is based on naps! This Dallas dynamo never seems to rest! Unless it’s her “break time” to enjoy the many things she loves, including beaching, boating, Vegas blackjack and going to the races! I envy her too because she’s balanced enough to say “Some things in life are just more fun than working every day!”

I am so glad I know Beth, but it’s also good to know her business partner Pat Dunipace. Beth and Pat are a great example of why opposites attract. Pat is the money manager and Beth is the free spirit. Pat sees the value of sound business investments; Beth sets her sights on potential. If Beth’s wild, Pat’s mild. As someone who for over 20 years also enjoyed the benefits and value of a business partnership based on opposites and the blend of different talents, I totally see why and how Beth and Pat work together so well for so long. They respect and trust each other, and share the same goals and work ethic based on integrity, honesty, great customer service and commitment to please.

It’s good to know both Beth and Pat, but you should also know that My NapPak is a great product. It’s perfect for daycare centers, sleepovers, camping, beach days and frequent visits to grandma’s! My secret too is that I like My NapPak because both my wife and I love to take afternoon naps whenever possible. We wish MyNap Pak came in adult sizes!

If you don’t already know Beth and My NapPak, be sure to say “Howdy!” during October’s ABC Show in Las Vegas. Better yet, give Beth a call at (800) 263-8553 or (214) 289-2424 (with her cell phone in her ear she’s easy to reach at work, home or at play), and check out E-mail .

David Gaunt
Editorial Director
The Giggle Guide

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