New Updates, a Show, and a Feature!

There is so much going on in my life and this biz that I really don’t know where to start. My website J.AUSTINRyan is getting updated with new content, color changes, new images, and more features. These will all hopefully be done soon. My customers who have been ordering, well, let’s just say I’ve been getting phone calls to place orders, since my site has been down.
I also had a photo shoot with the ever funny Garrett who is pictured above, he’ll be popping up on my site as well.
More and more stores are adding my art which is honestly amazing and scary as well, my biz is growing and I basically just sat my kiddos down to tell them they are the new maids of the house this summer. Yea…those were the words that I told them when they came home from school today, which was there last by the way.
Other news, I have a Dallas show that starts tomorrow and I can honestly say ” I am ready for it!”…. gosh that felt good. It’s a four day show and hope to pick up some new accounts.

Dallas Show
World Trade Center Building Dallas, TX
8th floor, Kids World Studio, Showroom #8701-45
June 4th-8th

I was also featured today on Penguin and Fish. Allyssa is the artist and illustrator behind these most amazing products and images. you seriously need to go check out her stuff. She has a ETSY site. And she has her own main site like me which features all of her talents. Thank you so much Allyssa..I love her blog, and I’ll be visiting it every day from now on.

So I’m signing off and will hopefully be back soon, and I’ll wish myself luck on this show.
Have a great weekend….Marnie V.

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