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Wow! It’s February and March is around the corner. We’ve had the worst winter here in Texas and we all know how my computer loves cold winter weather and don’t forget thunder storms in the spring. I’ve had the worst computers problems lately. That’s pretty much why I’ve been a little absent to this blog.

My day consists of when the computer works..I can get shipping labels printed, email customers, and try to upload photos. I can’t wait for summer!

So here is the first painting of Hawk for 2010 which is available still in the shop…for now.
Klause the mouse is a busy body that knows just about everything that goes on in the house where Hawk lives. His mouse house is located in the back mudroom of the house where new critters that enter get questioned. Hawk visits him daily to get the house news. Super cute!

Below are a few more paintings that are available to buy at ART251.
Send them an email if you are interested.

I’m welcoming myself onto this blog actually. I’ve been so busy…honestly…I think the end of 2009 was my busiest of the entire year. And with Christmas thrown into the mix, made it even crazier. I didn’t even have time this year to bake for neighbors and friends for the holiday and who knows what they thought about that. I’ve made treats for people every year and this season it didn’t happen.

Just thought I send a Holiday Greeting of Ba Humgug! to the Postal worker who stole four shipments of art two weeks ago from me. And to the Postal Service as well who completely acts oblivious to it all. My items were even insured and had tracking. And this is their answer, ” Well…we just can’t locate them.” “We will contact you when they are found.” Yeah right!

Just what I need when I’m preparing for a solo Hawk show next week.
Have a great day!

Hectic schedule is the story of my life these days. I’m busy painting and preparing for my first solo art show on Dec. 11th. Hawk will center stage and I’m so excited. My personal life is full also. My boys are finishing up their football seasons, wrestling season is starting, and my husband just finished his Master’s Degree. We are so proud of him. He walks this Friday night and I’m hosting a huge PARTY for him this weekend…which I’m trying to get ready for as well.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween…I did.
Even Garrett came over to say hello or scare me. He’s the little boy on my website.
He cracks me up! Love you G!

Of course, my kids thought it would be fun scaring little boys and girls this year.

My son Austin carved this pumpkin….he did a great job!

Hello everyone! This week I’ll be adding a lot of cool and pretty items to my Etsy shop.
Some of which are these adorable little mini art ornaments. They are simply perfect all year for art to adorn your wall. Then during holiday time, place them on your tree.
So keep a look out:) Have a great day! Marnie V.

Well, it happened. I just found out yesterday by a fellow artist who was also copied that my art was being sold on another website. Not only was she taking my design, but the idiot actually forgot to photoshop out my signature from the photo she stole from me. Do you see it here…”the Ballad of Sir Lucky Lion”…that’s mine. Straight from my own website J.AUSTINRyan.

Here is some new art that I have posted to my site.
” Love Story by Mister Deer “
This is done a on canvases that are made from 100% recycled materials.
Size- 4x6”