Welcome 2010

SOLD* "Camp Out Marshmallow" Original Painting 24x24x1 1/2" Acrylic on Canvas

I’m welcoming myself onto this blog actually. I’ve been so busy…honestly…I think the end of 2009 was my busiest of the entire year. And with Christmas thrown into the mix, made it even crazier. I didn’t even have time this year to bake for neighbors and friends for the holiday and who knows what they thought about that. I’ve made treats for people every year and this season it didn’t happen.

I also had a solo art Hawk show at a local modern art gallery in my town. I’ve actually sold quite a few pieces but there are still more left. Above are some that are still available. If anything interests you you can contact http://www.art251.com/ for prices and they will ship in the US. They have more, which I’ll post tomorrow. I have another show(gallery walk) that’s going on in a couple of weeks also so that should be pretty busy as well. I’ve been painting a lot of Hawk.

"Yellow Bear" 6x6x1 1/2" Acrylic on Canvas

I also made the decision to close down my Dallas showroom due to the fact of the economy and the buyers for stores just aren’t attending shows due to the economic status. It hasn’t affected everyone, just for some reason me in Dallas. I’m not saying I won’t return but for now my Los Angeles showroom Thea is booming Smile Thanks to my fabulous rep Brandi! So if your a store and your looking for my art a show contact
She can give you show dates for the entire year of 2010.

"Hawk the Dog" 6x6x1 1/2" Acrylic on Canvas

So what will be coming in 2010..I know your wondering….
Here’s a sneak speech!

New galleries that will be showing Hawk art!

New paintings of Hawk and friends on Bamboo wood panels:) 100% eco Love that!

NEW updated J.AUSTINRyan website- thanks to my fabulous web girl Melanie at Grapevine Creative.

Oh…and my 1st ever book deal to illustrate a children’s book Smile….I get chills every time I think about how exciting this is…hard work…but sooo excited! I can’t wait!

Well, I’ll be back tomorrow to post the first Hawk painting for 2010.
It involves wallpaper, a mouse, a little door, and of course Hawk himself!

Toodles! Marnie V.