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I had to post this picture today courtesy of Jason Munford. It’s of my son Ryan #11 scoring a touchdown, but it’s the ref that makes the picture. The opponent missed the tackle, rolled, and the ref had to jump….so cool. And great job Ryan…you truly are a stud!
I’m still working on this big custom safari themed order which I’m hoping to post some pictures of tomorrow…so please check back. Have a great day- Marnie V.

Hello….just taking a break from a HUGE custom job I’m working and I need to step away from for a little bit. I’ve been showing little bits of my home every couple of weeks and today I’m bringing you my youngest son Austin’s room. He is a serious trinket collector, football lover, book reader, and the sweetest 9 yr. old ever! The letter A above I made when we first moved in, the wood came from scraps that my house was built with. Oh and the foot on the wall…that’s a football fathead…of course.

Polar Mountain”

I am so excited to be getting my art into Hong Kong! Linea Negra Maternity is the name of the store. They sell high end maternity clothes and for baby as well. They have recently been adding other products to the store and I’m so happy to be one of them. The pictures above are a few of what they purchased. The shipment is ready and going today…well, it’s been ready and finally UPS is picking it up today.

On to the next and off to paint
- Marnie V.

With the art appreciation sale in full swing, here’s another I added to the shop today. It’s titled “The Bubblegum Fox” and I really love the colors I chose for this little painting and if you love it too it’s available here in the shop. My inspiration for this painting came to me last night as my oldest son Jacob was begging me to buy him some bubblegum. You see, he has braces on so his craving for bubblegum that he always chewed in the past is really being missed. I tell him he has a year to go…I’m so mean. And honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he sneaks a few times or more until then.

Well, I couldn’t wait to start my big sale. I’ve decided to call it the ART APPRECIATION SALE simply because once the sale is over, all of the pieces will appreciate in value immediately! That is so cool and of course it will appreciate even more over time. I wish many things that I purchase had that type of value. So the first little painting is up and I’ll be adding at least one to two a day until the end of May. This is going to be a lot of work considering I have two trade shows early June to prepare for, but I’m up for the challenge. And, I love producing art for a great value.

It’s been a little crazy around here lately and sorry for my absence. I’m still filling LA orders which will be finished this week and I finally finished this piece that I’ve been working on for charity. It is so cool. I used reclaimed vintage papers for the world and acrylic paints for the rest. I even love the font I picked…it kinda has a retro feel to it.

I’m also donating a Hawk plush pillow to go along side of this fabulous painting, which I believe is a must have. I’ve mentioned before that this pillow is even cuter in person.

Happy earth Day everyone. It’s finally beautiful weather here today in Texas. We have had so many hail storms, rain, and I’m done with it. It’s in the 80’s today and I’m still feeling stressed out about all the work that needs to be done by me. That’s really the main reason as well as to why I haven’t even gotten on this blog….YES…stressing about finding the time to blog. Well, a little walk with Hawk this morning definitely sparked my spirits ..a little bit. I was also reminded by my son Ryan today as how well I hold in my stress.

I’m stepping in today from a week of extreme painting. I have been filling store orders and I’m still going. I thought I’d show a new product that I introduced at my last show in Dallas. I wanted to introduce the hawk line more with the blocks, so I decided to start making name banners. They are doing well, and they are so cute. I recommend my stores to order a boys name and a girls name and they get a complimentary ring of about 25 color block samples. I also recommend mixing light colors with bright colors, it really makes the banner even cuter.

With my three boys, our nights are filled with their sports activities and homework. My youngest son Austin loves to draw. He really doesn’t pose much interest in wanting to be an artist when he grows up, so I think he just enjoys spending time with me. In that, he is always asking for a drawing lesson.