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Hello everyone..yes..I’m here. I’ve been a busy bee as usual. I just booked my 1st art show though…whoo hoo. I am so excited and nervous. This show will be completely different than the wholesale trade shows I usually attend, but I think in a great way. I won’t be giving a sales pitch while people are viewing my over 70 pieces that I plan on having at this show. But, I will be of course be mentioning that the artist herself will sign the piece you buy.

sometimes feel like I come on this blog and complain about all the computer issues I have, but OMG I have them. I have had two viruses within the last two weeks, in which I’ve been late meeting deadlines. I’m afraid to even mention to clients just because I don’t want them to think I’m a flaky artist, and I’m not. I usually get comments on how fast i turn things around. But let me tell you when you live in Texas and it rains for SEVEN days straight, and I mean flooding rain, and your computer is WIFi…you are bound to have issues.

I’ve been doing a whole lot of…..

football practice(EVERY NIGHT) Smile
horrible car problems…yuck…but getting better
running 3 miles a day for stress relief

I think that pretty much wraps up all that’s in my life right now.

So amongst everything else going on I’ve decided to add another product into my line…these adorable mobiles. They are made out of eco-friendly wood that hang from a simple rod, which then hangs directly from the ceiling. I am offering them in pinks, yellow/greens, blues, and orange tones(not shown). They are available now in the shop.
Back to shipping orders…have a great day. Marnie V.

I’m back from vacation…well, I’ve been back actually. The picture above is me and I completely look exhausted in this picture, which cracks me up because I was. It was the most rewarding and exhausting trip I have ever taken. We had a blast though and so did my kids. The picture below is my son Austin walking along the Vietnam Memorial checking out all the names of the men who died. If you look there is a reflection with my husband David and my son Jacob in the picture as well. It was really something to see.

I’m in DC this week and I’ll be back to share next week…the first of August.
Be back soon….Oh…go check me out, I’m now on Posh Tots !
Go to the site in the DECOR section and look for my tree paintings like Alpha Tree, Modern Birds, and House of Owls. When they are done this week, they will have all of it up! I’m so excited for this…thanks Posh Tots!
Be Back Soon!
Marnie V.

It’s here!
The 2009 Southern Living Idea House with my Mod Owls.
Located in Port Aransas Texas/ Cinnamon Shore.
If you get a copy delivered to your home, then you must already have it.
If not, head over to your local drug store and pick up a copy….or at least go check it out.
Thanks for looking…I’m off to buy 10 copies.
Have a great evening! Marnie V.

Hello everyone. I’ve had quite an interesting last couple of weeks…mainly why I haven’t been on this blog. My computer has had a virus and still does…and I’m still trying to get it fixed. I’ve been working off a laptop and my husband’s computer, but since everything is mainly linked to mine, I’ve been unable to even load new art on my Etsy shop and my main site. I am so frustrated…I can’t even tell you. I am also sorry to those who I haven’t e-mailed back, because it was my business e-mail that got attacked by a nasty virus. I will get back to you and hopefully soon.

Hello everyone…I just received an e-mail from Southern Living magazine that the video is up for the 2009 Idea House in Port Aransas,Texas. They included some of my art for the children’s upstaris bedroom. They only show the Mod Owls in the room, but they did put some others in there as well. You’ll have to pick up the August issue to see the rest. I’m so excited and honored to be chosen as one of the many artists throughout the house. Click on the link below to watch the video…and my art is shown around the 2-minute mark. Thanks for looking..Smile