An ECO Product for 2009

New ECO Friendly Name Banners
New ECO Friendly Name Banners

I’m stepping in today from a week of extreme painting. I have been filling store orders and I’m still going. I thought I’d show a new product that I introduced at my last show in Dallas. I wanted to introduce the hawk line more with the blocks, so I decided to start making name banners. They are doing well, and they are so cute. I recommend my stores to order a boys name and a girls name and they get a complimentary ring of about 25 color block samples. I also recommend mixing light colors with bright colors, it really makes the banner even cuter. Then the customer gets to choose two character blocks of there choice to place at the ends.

And the best part, is the whole product is eco friendly. From the chemical free wood, non toxic paints, non toxic sealer, and hemp string. Another thing I’m working on are more little Hawk paintings that will be entering the shop tomorrow afternoon and Friday, the theme is Earth Day. Can’t wait to show them…time for Football practice!