It Finally Happened to Me!

Well, it happened. I just found out yesterday by a fellow artist who was also copied that my art was being sold on another website. Not only was she taking my design, but the idiot actually forgot to photoshop out my signature from the photo she stole from me. Do you see it here…”the Ballad of Sir Lucky Lion”…that’s mine. Straight from my own website J.AUSTINRyan.

She also sold these other pieces from these other artists and sold them as ORIGINALS. Thank goodness for other artists who aren’t afraid to speak there mind for she has closed this shop because of us. Then we find out she has another shop selling more works from other artists.

And…what do I find on her other shop…my ART! Here below is MY MOD OWL that is super popular, was in the Southern Living magazine idea house and has been featured everywhere. I sent her a nasty email last night and she did close this shop as well.

We actually think she has another shop which you can read about here. I just met Corra who was also an artist that was copied. I think honestly what bothers me the most is that she not only stole from us, but she stole money from the customers she sold these items to. I would be pretty upset if I found out that I purchased some art from a copy cat. And I would absolutely want my money back. She better hope none of these artists contact her buyers.

I’m so upset about what has happened and I will be acting on it, in which I’ll keep you posted on.
I’ll be back later or even tomorrow to post more, but I have work to do. Funny thing is, I’m actually shipping out today these same exact REAL ORIGINAL works of mine to REAL CUSTOMERS. Honestly, I actually consider everyone who ever bought art from me…that the value just doubled! Congrats!
Talk to you soon…Marnie V.

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