Hectic schedule is the story of my life these days. I’m busy painting and preparing for my first solo art show on Dec. 11th. Hawk will center stage and I’m so excited. My personal life is full also. My boys are finishing up their football seasons, wrestling season is starting, and my husband just finished his Master’s Degree. We are so proud of him. He walks this Friday night and I’m hosting a huge PARTY for him this weekend…which I’m trying to get ready for as well.
Did I mention we have a Super Bowl football game for my son Austin’s team and a wrestling Tournament on Saturday? I’ll let you know how I survive.

And in the mix of all of this, I of course still have time to schedule Jason with Munfy.com, to come take some Christmas photos of my boys. Above is my oldest Jacob. He truly is an amazing son. He’s 13..almost 14 on Dec.15th, just finished his football season and now it’s wrestling season. Our theme for these photos was football, as you can see.
They came out amazing and soon I’ll be posting more…well, in a couple of weeks.

So, I won’t be on the blog much over the next couple of weeks due to life functions, Thanksgiving, and preparing for this HUGE art show. Smile

Have a wonderful week! Marnie V.