Tent in a Bag

I am so excited about our new Tent in a Bag. We have made tents at the park, beach, in hotels, and when the girls were little they were completely obsessed with “stroller forts.”

Remember how we used to pile stacks of books onto heavy blankets and try to make tents at home? NO MORE! Grab our Spring Bean clamps and attach the material to beds, chairs, tables, or even park benches and tree branches. Carabean the cute little bag onto the stroller and head out for some summer fun.

Each kit is made from either recycled, vintage or new material and 4 Spring Bean clamps; nestled into a cute little bag for travel or easy clean up.

Let us know what patterns or colors you like, and we’ll put together a custom assortment for you. Princess pinks, animals, stars, or sports—we have it all!

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david gaunt

Tents Make Memories

I love this idea! Sounds like a good b-day gift too. Or you can get a bunch of them and make the entire room a “tent city.” I remember making tents at home as a kid … and my 3 were always making forts and tents too! Sheets and clamps were their materials. And, of course, an occasional huge cardboard box … for a “clubhouse.” Glad to see you tapping into the traditions of childhood and making it fun!

David Gaunt
Editorial Director
The Giggle Guide@