The Treehouse Showroom Visits “Ducks & Daisies” Balboa Island, Newport Beach, Ca

Store Owner helping customers.

The Treehouse Showroom visits “Ducks & Daisies” Balboa Island, Newport Beach, California. This posh little boutique is a staple on the Island and is known for the bright colored fun look of their yellow and white stripped awning. Ducks and Daisies attracts tourist and locals alike. The Treehouse Showroom often visits the Island, to show store owner Gina new lines for her boutique.

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Great Rep on the Road!

Kudos to Elisa of The Treehouse Showroom at The California Market Center for hitting the road to see her customers in person in their retail stores. This is a great business practice that puts into action value-added commitment in building stronger business relationships between the rep and her customers. The Treehouse Showroom goes those extra miles and does a good job in working to give her represented brands added promotional support in many ways, including regularly featuring them on The Giggle Guide. More sales reps around the country could benefit from the innovative ideas introduced by one of the newest and most hard-working sales reps in the biz.

If you want to know how The Treehouse Showroom uses a sponsorship on The Giggle Guide to build her brands, her reputation, and her business, contact me.

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Thank you, David.…

Thank you, David.